(Saturday Reflection 1) : Anything Goes, Anything Can Be…Yes..Anything

What do you wanna be in your life actually? This question is ocassionally wandering inside my own brain, especially when I am alone in my own room. I have already noted in my mind what have already happened during my history. Especially in passions….in some parts, my passions have changed, but in some other aspects…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Technology/ Teknologi

Technology is created to ease human, increase productivity and save time.Every time, technology always changesFollowing times and into more sophisticated formsFrom the hardest to the easiestBut every eras has got its own technologyAfter the new one is inventedThe old one is about to be abandonedJust as for memory in dusty places Special for this challenge…

Travel Theme : FLOW / MENGAMBANG

Flow is mengambang in my language Flowing while rowing On the water… Just follow the flow Wherever it goes Just….still control its flow For this travel theme Flowing under the bridge, Rawapening, Central Java Just follow the flow

Travel Theme : Peaceful – Damai

Peaceful The adjective which is getting expensive Within this contradicted world With all its natural and artificial problems Everybody wants a peace But they cannot be alone As we are social creature With all differences However, within all, we can create our small piece of peace For ourselves and gradually spread it to the world….

Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum Part/Jilid Two/Dua

May I add some more? I think yes! There are still few people who submit for this wonderful theme. These were taken at Balinese costume contest and Semarang Night Carnival. Enjoy it! I love candid… Colorful then! That Carnival! What do you think?

Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum

This week’s theme is so awesome. I can share anything in accordance to the theme and hopefully everyone will love it. This is the first photographs for you all. Next will be later. Javanese traditional costume Ramayana dance costumes Semarang wedding costume (only mannequin) From Kudus All are from my travel time, though not far…

Travel Theme : The Four Elements / Empat Unsur Alam

World consists of four elements Udara (Air) Bumi (Earth) Air (Water) Api (Fire) All of those balance each other and make our world colorful. Human characters are also identical to those elements… AIR – WATER API – FIRE BUMI – EARTH UDARA – AIR For this week’s theme

Travel Theme : Benches/ Bangku

These bench have got its own story. I don’t always show the beauty, but sometimes irony within it. If you never take care what you belong to, how can you survive it. If the benches aren’t taken into account, then it will lose its beauty and gradually become useless trash in the future. This is…

Travel Theme :Pale/Pucat

What is pale? White but gloomy white Lighter but not so bright I just share these photos for the following theme. I love it.

Travel Theme : Smoke and Mirrors

The smoke The mirror I don’t where the smoke flows I am sure my reflection in the mirror The smoke The mirror They have their mysteries From my journey time Dedicated for this theme Semarang 30 March 2013