Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum

This week’s theme is so awesome. I can share anything in accordance to the theme and hopefully everyone will love it.

This is the first photographs for you all. Next will be later.

ImageJavanese traditional costume

ImageRamayana dance costumes

ImageSemarang wedding costume (only mannequin)

ImageFrom Kudus

All are from my travel time, though not far from my home. But I love them all.

For this theme

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20 responses to “Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum

  1. Very beautiful traditional costumes. Thank you.

  2. Great Images.I like them a lot.

  3. Batik Kudusnya bagus yaaa

  4. Great Photograph of “costumes’ I love your background !!!

  5. kalo pengin beli kostum begitu, dimana ya?

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