Travel Theme : Benches/ Bangku

These bench have got its own story. I don’t always show the beauty, but sometimes irony within it.
If you never take care what you belong to, how can you survive it. If the benches aren’t taken into account, then it will lose its beauty and gradually become useless trash in the future.

This is for this week’s travel theme


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14 responses to “Travel Theme : Benches/ Bangku

  1. What a sad Picture. How on earth can someone neglect such beautiful furniture .I don’t understand it. They just need som wooden planks that’s all.

    • And government’s ignorance…that’s also a big deal.

      • What a shame.Is there no one who is willing to fund it privately to rebuild the benches.In London you find in the Parks sponsored Benches with name tags on it .It is a very nice thing to do such a thing to keep the heritage alive and in good condition.

      • And the problem again which still faced by us…our own ignorance. Not many people here have realized on this property. Even sometimes vandalism is prevalent. What a sad. But I believe others still care on it.

      • What a strange Island you life on . But hey every place on earth might be strange to other people. oh by the way have you looked at my other blog
        I have posted some new stuff including your Pictures altered by myself. Have a look if you like.

      • Yes…our proverb says : Different pond, different fish. Different place, different situation, different characters. But, it will be lovely if they care about the infrastructures.

        O really? let me see there now.

  2. I also posted a bench today. My bench is in the snow. We are still waiting for winter to end 🙂

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  4. kog ga ada yang duduk? bangku eksklusif kah?

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