(Saturday Reflection 1) : Anything Goes, Anything Can Be…Yes..Anything


What do you wanna be in your life actually?
This question is ocassionally wandering inside my own brain, especially when I am alone in my own room. I have already noted in my mind what have already happened during my history. Especially in passions….in some parts, my passions have changed, but in some other aspects they remained unchanged. When I was a child, my wish was to be doctor…as typically Indonesian kids replied when the adults asked them. But when I found a passion in learning languages, my wish directly changed a lot. I wanted to be a diplomat, as I saw it as a cool person who travelled abroad a lot, always took plane from one country to another one and having many relations. When I graduated from high school, I’d like to enroll international relation studies in a famous public university in Surabaya. I had already signed for entrance test, but my family discouraged my passion and they told me to enroll economics instead.

I, however, would rather choose English than Economics, as I hated Maths so much since my teacher often punished me when I couldn’t finish or do my work in the class. And I avoided anything about counting at all during my sophomores except statistics as it wasn’t as hard as mathematics. My passion was still going abroad one day and meet many people as well as speaking their language though imperfect. At the sophomore times, I also started to teach English among people and sometimes at school for fulfilling our papers.


Anything goes, anything can be…
I ever tried to be radio announcer, but I was always dismissed in the last part, for voice test, as my voice was not ’round enough’ according to their standard and I couldn’t pronounced ‘r’ as my ‘r’ was thrilling like English speakers. Finally, my wish to be entertainer vanished as dodo’s grandfather. Maybe I didn’t struggle enough to be it and time goes by, gradually most of my works were teaching and teaching. My first class was started 1999 in a village during field trip for 2 weeks, I started to teach in a secondary school and totally I taught 3 classes as teacher’s replacement, and also in some courses I taught, mainly English. And from now on, I am a teacher. I have already been an English teacher for more than 13 years (If I’m not mistaken).

Anything goes, anything can be…
From college level, I started teaching high school and the challenge was started when the principal told me to teach Information and Communication Technology or Computer, as well as teaching such subjects as Bahasa Indonesia, History, Religion, Civics, Art and even much more. I had to learn a lot and during my short time at the school I had already learned about coping various subjects, as in my previous workplace I even didn’t know how to design a simple poster. I only know Microsoft Word and never touching Microsoft Excell, but from the moment, it forced me to learn harder. All changes a lot since then.

Anything goes, anything can be…
When I left Semarang to Jakarta (not exactly Jakarta, but Tangerang on the west part) for attending interview, I just had one thing…got it or returned home. Alhamdulillah, finally I got the job as teacher, but in elementary school. That’s the first time after 14 years I taught elementary school for the first time. Initially, I applied as English teacher. But when I was attending a training, the principal called me and asked me whether I could teach computer, as she read on my CV that I ever taught computer. At first, I thought what happened, as the quota for English teacher was full and my colleague (she’s already resigned several months ago) couldn’t teach computer…finally, I taught computer. It was so shocking, because all programs were in Linux and Oh My God, I had to learn harder….the students were so natural, funny, and naughty at the same time. I had to be more patient for coping their daily behaviours.

My first banner

Anything goes, anything can be..
It forced me to learn again, from making something creative for students, making lesson plans, interacting to the students and coping problems related to work. But, what I didn’t wonder before…I made my design using Photoshop. It was actually easy, but it also needed artistic touch and my friend said, “You’ve got talent, but you don’t know.” Yes, finally my first design was used as Eid celebration banner and sometimes I wrote for my school’s publication. I wrote based on my own passion, language, culture and historical touches, and unrelated to what I’ve already been right now. Though it was my first design, the principle directly agreed as I created two versions and it’s become my habit then, creating more than one design. Teaching computer needs creativity and I have to step forward than others, and up to now…just now I learnt something new…robotic, and it’s fun.

Created by me

Why don’t I do it before?
Where have I been so far?
Those are the questions roam into my little brain and soul.

Anything goes, anything can be..
Now I am a computer teacher and trying to create my own design….but one day, I don’t know what will I be tomorrow?

I just follow the life flow and do what I think the best.
I think I’m late, but I believe it’s better than never do that and I am still chasing my ultimate passion though I’ve already been 39!.

As life itself is full of miracle and coincidences.

Bambang Priantono

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  1. pike says:

    Well done! Life is learning 🙂

      1. pike says:

        I think it’s short – here on the globe.

      2. pike says:

        Hehe – olen iloinen, kun osaat suomea 😀

  2. kongtarapapa says:

    Anything can be…

    When I studied in senior high school, I didn’t like accounting, and now i work in audit.

      1. kongtarapapa says:


  3. dani says:

    Is your friend who resigned name Sutiknowati Pak? I eventually learned that both of you were teaxhers in the same school.

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