(Saturday Night Photography Reflection) : Bunga Teratai/ Lotus

I tried to take lotus photos when I was in Bogor Park (Kebun Raya Bogor) last week. I thought the lotuses were quite great to be my object with Bogor Palace as the background. That’s for this week’s experiment.

Have a nice weekend!

Great padma…teratai…lotus





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(Saturday Reflection) : 11 Years in Blogging

11 years?
What the hell is that? It’s almost already been 11 years my co-existence in virtual world! I started blogging in a local forum in 2004, and at the time, writing in a longer sentence was so hard for me. I had to think what should I say, as it’s different to speaking directly. From the idol forum, I started to blog and the first posting (in a closed multiply.com) was only a short poem. Very short, just four lines and that’s my first (and unfortunately I didn’t have the backup as the domain has already ceased to be exist). But then, from the domain, I knew more and more people who still keep in contact even though multiply has gone.

Since then, I tried to write more. Initially just short poem, longer one, and my daily lives as well as some photos which were taken from various sites. Yeach, still amateur and till now I am still as I never think about being pro one. Let me be like this (except one day God decides different). Finally I found my passion in writing, talking about language, history and culture become parts of my life. I tried to find the sources from many parts and surely should be credible. Even I love to share my journeys to various historical sites around my place. During I live in Semarang, Central Java, If I’m not mistaken, I’d already visited half of temples in and around Central Java and Jogjakarta. I did it alone, even sometimes without guide and just brought a partial information from internet. These were fun and adorable moments when I had to argue with motor driver as he cheated me about the ride fare, or I had to walk far to reach the temple and no any foodstalls. Even I met an old  motor rider who offered me a ride but his manners really made me angry.

There have been so long. During blogging, I also found many dramas among the bloggers and even I was almost trapped in the drama. Replies on someone’s posting have many effects, even the unexpected ones. You can be deleted, hated or even intimidated, bullied and more. So that’s why be careful with your posting or status in social media. It can be your tiger which is ready to eat you.

During the multiply time, I also attend various meet ups with my virtual friends. There were various characters I met and it could make me more developed. Many informations or even opportunities they offered, even incidentally. Sometimes I attended the meet up in Jakarta, Malang, Semarang, Solo, and Jogjakarta. Even from the friendship through blogging, I could fly and celebrate Idhul Fitri in Malaysia with my dear Malaysian families who consider me as part of theirs. I met many good people in blogging, but also fake ones who disappointed me much, who could trick with his or her stories, impressed us and then took benefit from you. But the most important thing in blogging is knowledge, friendship, acknowledgement and love.

Knowledge means your knowledge will raise up when you share to the others. Knowledge won’t be lost when you give and share it, unlike money. My knowledge about my passion is increasing after blogging, surely by blogwalking to the others and comments or discuss (occasionally debating).
Friendship means you will find many friends, colleagues which bring you to your success if you have the right one. You can get new knowledge from them and also wisdom from your friendship.
Acknowledgement : when your posting is appreciated and your existence is also recognized, it’s the best achievement and it can motivate you to be more productive. At least you write, post and share…though nobody reads it. But just trust if there are more silent readers than you think.
Love : there are many definitions. The most numerous I think is, many bloggers found their spouses through blogging or other social media.

One more thing, many people use their blogs for earning some money. Either through CEO, or by opening online shops. It’s all okay as far as you do it fairly, no cheating.
I am not professional blogger. I am just merely an extraordinary one…I just have no much time for blogging. Different to what I used to when I was still in multiply. This blog needs extra time as I dedicate myself writing in English. I realize that it’s not easy, even for getting one like in the beginning. In this blog, most of my postings are related to photography. There are many great photos shared everyday and I just share what I have. It’s not good photos, even maybe people think myself as merely amateur. Everybody can be a good photographer, but the blurred ones can tell even more than what you can say. From blogging, I can participate in many events such as competitions, challenges and more which make me motivated to do beyond I do.

Blog is your personal diary, it can be also your virtual store and many people also publish book based on their own blogs! Many examples and I needn’t to tell more about that. However, it needs time to be well-known and recognized by people. Choose to be a healthy blogger- I mean, positive one as you can inspire and spread love to anyone. This is your wonderful treasures in the future.

Just take care for your blog and at least post something regularly. Everyone will decide which one they wish to read, so that take easy when nobody visits you. Be positive because they wanna be your secret admirers…LOL.

This is my reflection in the 11th years of my blogging history.

Bambang Priantono

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Motion/ Gerak

Motion is gerakan in Bahasa Indonesia
Hentak gerak serentak/ Motion at the same time
Seirama/ One rythm
Bersama/ together
Hampir tak bercela / Almost flawless
Karena akan selalu ada perbedaan/ As there will always be differences
Keragaman/ diversity
Dalam satu gerak / In one motion

Inilah seharusnya kehidupan/ That’s live we should be in
Seperti rentak bendera ini / as these flags’ motions

Special for this week’s challenge


Berbeda dalam satu gerakan/ Differ in one motion


Tari Bendera/ Flag dance

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Travel Theme : Centre/ Tengah

Centre is a beginning of many things
Headquarters, shopping centre, convention centre and many more.
For this theme, I share the centre picture when I walked in an ornamented ceramic floor in Puncak. What did I think about? Elsa! When she ran away from Arendelle and she sang ‘Let It Go’ prior she built an icy palace. It inspired me to do the same thing.


I wish I could do that hehehehe..

DSC07742Let it gooo..
Let it gooo…
Livre estou
Livre estou…

At least the fake version

For this week’s theme

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Early Bird/ Pagi Buta

How to translate ‘early bird‘ in Bahasa Indonesia?
For my interpretation is ‘pagi buta’ when the sun starts to rise up from its sleeping bed. And this is my interpretation for this week’s challenge.

New dawn
New hopeEarly bird
Early hope

Good morning for all

Location : Puncak, West Java, Indonesia 2014




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Ciaruteun is one of rivers which began in Bogor (or Buitenzorg), West Java and ended in Cisadane river that flows into Java Sea through Bogor and Tangerang. This inscription is a mark of Tarumanagara kingdom’s existence in the early Middle Ages (started approximately from the 4th-7th centuries). It covered most part of West Java, Banten until western part of Central Java. Several artifacts have already been discovered from Banten to Karawang. Some are inscriptions, others are temples or skeletons. One of the famous Tarumanagara kings were King Purnawarman who throned from 395-434 CE.

Initially, the Ciaruteun inscription was located on the river, but in 1981, it has already been moved 200 metres from its original location as there’re many vandalisms on the historical stone and its difficult access as its location. Its replicas can be seen in National Museum, Jakarta and Bandung. But I wanted to see the original one till I had to travel around 90 km from Jakarta. The inscription was written in Pallava and the language was Sanskrit. It has got a pair of footprint which described about Purnawarman power as if God Vishnu. It was written as the following :


vikkrantasyavanipat eh
srimatah purnnavarmmanah
visnoriva padadvayam

Translation :

These are the footprints which as if God Vishnu, there are The King Purnawarman’s footprints, King of Tarumanegara, the world’s brave king.

This is part of my journey during last month. I love visiting historical places and if so, I wanna do it again more and more in the future.


Me and Pak Atma, the caretaker


In front of the site


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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Afloat/Mengapung – The Floating Lotuses/Teratai Mengapung

Floating lotuses are suitable for this week’s challenge.

I took the beauty when I was at my hometown, Malang. It’s already become Malang’s icon along with the Malang Kucecwara monument which has already established since 1946, bombed by Dutch during 1947 agression and then reopened in 1951. It’s Malang icon along with the crazy lion symbol, apple and education capital of East Java. I am proud to be Malangese, though I live far away now.

Long live Malang!

Long live the floating monument!
Long live the floating lotuses!


White lotus/ Teratai putih


Red lotuses/ Teratai Merah


The floating monument/ tugu terapung


I love my hometown

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