(Saturday Reflection 1) : Anything Goes, Anything Can Be…Yes..Anything


What do you wanna be in your life actually?
This question is ocassionally wandering inside my own brain, especially when I am alone in my own room. I have already noted in my mind what have already happened during my history. Especially in passions….in some parts, my passions have changed, but in some other aspects they remained unchanged. When I was a child, my wish was to be doctor…as typically Indonesian kids replied when the adults asked them. But when I found a passion in learning languages, my wish directly changed a lot. I wanted to be a diplomat, as I saw it as a cool person who travelled abroad a lot, always took plane from one country to another one and having many relations. When I graduated from high school, I’d like to enroll international relation studies in a famous public university in Surabaya. I had already signed for entrance test, but my family discouraged my passion and they told me to enroll economics instead.

I, however, would rather choose English than Economics, as I hated Maths so much since my teacher often punished me when I couldn’t finish or do my work in the class. And I avoided anything about counting at all during my sophomores except statistics as it wasn’t as hard as mathematics. My passion was still going abroad one day and meet many people as well as speaking their language though imperfect. At the sophomore times, I also started to teach English among people and sometimes at school for fulfilling our papers.


Anything goes, anything can be…
I ever tried to be radio announcer, but I was always dismissed in the last part, for voice test, as my voice was not ’round enough’ according to their standard and I couldn’t pronounced ‘r’ as my ‘r’ was thrilling like English speakers. Finally, my wish to be entertainer vanished as dodo’s grandfather. Maybe I didn’t struggle enough to be it and time goes by, gradually most of my works were teaching and teaching. My first class was started 1999 in a village during field trip for 2 weeks, I started to teach in a secondary school and totally I taught 3 classes as teacher’s replacement, and also in some courses I taught, mainly English. And from now on, I am a teacher. I have already been an English teacher for more than 13 years (If I’m not mistaken).

Anything goes, anything can be…
From college level, I started teaching high school and the challenge was started when the principal told me to teach Information and Communication Technology or Computer, as well as teaching such subjects as Bahasa Indonesia, History, Religion, Civics, Art and even much more. I had to learn a lot and during my short time at the school I had already learned about coping various subjects, as in my previous workplace I even didn’t know how to design a simple poster. I only know Microsoft Word and never touching Microsoft Excell, but from the moment, it forced me to learn harder. All changes a lot since then.

Anything goes, anything can be…
When I left Semarang to Jakarta (not exactly Jakarta, but Tangerang on the west part) for attending interview, I just had one thing…got it or returned home. Alhamdulillah, finally I got the job as teacher, but in elementary school. That’s the first time after 14 years I taught elementary school for the first time. Initially, I applied as English teacher. But when I was attending a training, the principal called me and asked me whether I could teach computer, as she read on my CV that I ever taught computer. At first, I thought what happened, as the quota for English teacher was full and my colleague (she’s already resigned several months ago) couldn’t teach computer…finally, I taught computer. It was so shocking, because all programs were in Linux and Oh My God, I had to learn harder….the students were so natural, funny, and naughty at the same time. I had to be more patient for coping their daily behaviours.


My first banner

Anything goes, anything can be..
It forced me to learn again, from making something creative for students, making lesson plans, interacting to the students and coping problems related to work. But, what I didn’t wonder before…I made my design using Photoshop. It was actually easy, but it also needed artistic touch and my friend said, “You’ve got talent, but you don’t know.” Yes, finally my first design was used as Eid celebration banner and sometimes I wrote for my school’s publication. I wrote based on my own passion, language, culture and historical touches, and unrelated to what I’ve already been right now. Though it was my first design, the principle directly agreed as I created two versions and it’s become my habit then, creating more than one design. Teaching computer needs creativity and I have to step forward than others, and up to now…just now I learnt something new…robotic, and it’s fun.


Created by me

Why don’t I do it before?
Where have I been so far?
Those are the questions roam into my little brain and soul.

Anything goes, anything can be..
Now I am a computer teacher and trying to create my own design….but one day, I don’t know what will I be tomorrow?

I just follow the life flow and do what I think the best.
I think I’m late, but I believe it’s better than never do that and I am still chasing my ultimate passion though I’ve already been 39!.

As life itself is full of miracle and coincidences.

Bambang Priantono

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Laut dan Kucing / The Sea and The Kitty (Boundaries)


The Sea : Hi, Kitty? Where are you going?
The Kitty : I’d like to find out some fish here.
The Sea : How can you come here?
The Kitty : I just walked around for seeking my food
The Sea : But my shore is full of rubbish
The Kitty : It’s okay, I also find my food over there. Can I pass over yours?
The Sea : No, You cannot swim right?
The Kitty : I know, but I am so starving. My kittens need some fish
The Sea : Yes, but it’s not your place. The beach is our boundary
The Kitty : (thinking over)…oh, I forget! I hate water…
The Sea : Why?
The Kitty : I’ll take a bath, but by licking, not by water.
The Sea : Yeah, we have our own boundaries. I am here, you’re there.
The Kitty : I see, since my ancestors, we dislike water. Okay, sea…I’ll go somewhere else. Maybe the cottage nearby where I can get some fish from the food stall. I can only see you, but then cannot jump into you.
The Sea : All right, that’s all…see you then, and don’t forget to visiting me.

DSC04905Setiap orang punya batasannya sendiri-sendiri
Saben uwong nduwe watese dhewe-dhewe
Everyone has their own boundaries
Chacun a ses propre limites
Ĉiu havas siajn proprajn limojn
Cada uno tiene sus propios límites
Jokaisella on omat rajat
Todo pessoas tem seus próprios limites



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(Monday Reflection) : My Finding – Indonesian Sign Language

DSC09413Everywhere we can learn
Even in an unexpected or unthinkable way

Jakarta Car Free Day is part of my week-end agenda, even though I just join the event once a month and in the same place, between Jl. Thamrin- HI roundabout (Bundaran HI)- Sudirman. I am always curious about the happenings there, unlike Car Free Day in other places. We can do anything there (as far as acceptable according to the values) such as doing demonstrations, promotions, particular community gatherings, culinary matters and much more from 6 – 10.30 am. Yesterday I learnt a not really new thing. While waiting for 11 a.m as I wanted to visit my friend’s house, I walked around HI roundabout and after seeing save rhino community (only 100 Sumateran rhinos are left in the wildlife of Sumatera, while in Malaysia Penninsula, it’s already been extinct), I met a special community…the deaf club who spread and teaches Indonesian sign language to broader people.

Honestly I have already heard about the language years ago, even I learnt some expressions of the language. As far as I heard there are many variations of sign language in Indonesia, and what I met was the standardized one. Surely, Indonesian sign language is different to English or International sign language in several ways. For a while, I just walked and saw the group’s activities. They taught the commons to learn the sign language, and I know the deaf one also needs communication tools to open a conversation. I could see many of them talk each other happily, but I couldn’t follow it well as they use sign language. They spoke normally and it interested me to try.

Then, when I took a chair, someone called me up by waving his hand, and I knew he was deaf. He asked me to sit in front of him. From his manner and hand signs, I could see he wanted to teach me the language. He opened his file and showed a paper. It’s merely alphabet, and he pointed one letter then told me to follow his hand movement. From A until Z…It’s quite different to the international one. For the first, it was hard as I have already forgotten the language. He repeated many times, and you know, I am easily confused with something new so no wonder I made many mistakes. Mislead, misform and mismatch…that’s all I’ve done so far. But as a wise man says “mistake is the prove that you’ve tried” had motivated me to know more and more.DSC09409 DSC09407Indonesian sign language is called Bisindo or (Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia), some letters are similar to the international sign language, but others aren’t. I learnt some expressions like how to say “terima kasih” (thank you) and “sama-sama” (you’re welcome) as well as mention my name. After 15 minutes, I could imitate what the man taught and from his signs, his name was Agus. I could read it. The day was getting hotter, he gave me a card and wrote the date on it. He said, if I wanted to learn again just visit and continue the lessons until 10 times and if I had already passed the 10th, I’ll get 50% off for buying Indonesian sign language dictionary.


What I believe, everyone, though they’re diffable, they need to communicate and there must be a language facilitator to express what they want to say. Sign language is also part of the tools, and among the deaf persons, sign language is extremely important. However, most normal people couldn’t understand what they say and even ignore their rules in society. Or in many cases bullying or discrimination to them are still prevalent, and I think by introducing the sign language to wider society, it will raise up more social acceptance and tolerance as they also have potentials for being part of national power. We sometimes do not know about them, but by being able to speak the sign language, we can broaden our network, having more friends and world will be better.

Okay, next week I’ll be there for the second lesson and hopefully I can add my language skills besides others.

Tangerang, 28 September 2015

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Perubahan/Change

Long time no see you here!

After a while again I hibernated myself in my cave, here I return to the weekly photo challenge. The theme is great and what I remember first is my younger aged photo. I saved some of my old pictures in facebook and others in my computer. I didn’t know which parts of me have been changed. Physically, I am robuster than 19 years ago..terribly sure!

But many people fail to guess my real age and I don’t know why..but some physical fatigues have already happened as I have already been almost 40s but still the end of 30s. Even my own students guessed I am still 28-29 or 30s. Hahahaha..but, that’s a blessing for me. Can you see the difference between when I was 20 and 39? Hahaha…

This is for weekly photo challenge! but sorry, I just give the old photo and the new ones are from my phone.

Getting older is expected to be wiser and more knowledgeable.


Me, when I was still 20 (1996)


This photo was taken this morning at 7.30 am I am 39


Hahahaa, with my friends before open house..today. The three others are still younger than me.

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Monochroma Angklung

Monochromatic…mono color or something dramatic?
I took some photos during open day at my school just now, and it’s over an hour ago after having lunch together.
Well, I took some photos of Angklung, a traditional Sundanese bamboo instrument and from different side. I don’t know whether it is monochromatic..but at least I tried to participate in this challenge.


Tangerang, 12 September 2015

Bambang Priantono

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(Tuesday Reflection) : Indonesian Names and with-some-Controversies

nameName is something given to identify someone, and differentiate him or her from the others. Name is also parents’ pray and hope symbol for their child. In many countries, most people have given name (or Christian name), middle name or surname. But sometimes only given names and surnames.

Do you have surnames? If I ask foreigners, they will answer -mostly- yes. But, most Indonesians have no surnames or if they have got two names, it doesn’t mean the last name is their family name. I think in Europe, it’s common among Icelanders as their last names do not always refer to their family names. Several Indonesian ethnic groups have surnames such as Bataks (Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Pakpak, Angkola and Mandailing), Nias Islanders, North Sulawesi (especially Minahasans and Gorontalos), Some Minangkabaus, Moluccans and some Papuans, and surely Arabs and Chinese descendants (who surely have Indonesianized surnames). Most Indonesians, particularly Javanese have no surnames. Many of them have only one name like ‘Sutardi’, ‘Sudirman’, ‘Sukamti’, ‘Pramono’ etc or two names like ‘Indah Susanti’, my own name ‘Bambang Priantono’ (I have no surname..only last name). Some Javanese have surnames as for retain their social status and they’re minority. While Balinese names are mostly started by their status mark like Ida Ayu, Ida Bagus for the highest caste until I or Ni for the lower one.

Sundanese names are also unique. Some Sundanese give their children with repeated syllable names such as Rosa Rosada, Rika Rafika, Jajat Sudrajat, Ali Somali, and many more.

But in recent generations, many parents give western-sounding names or Arabo-Islamic sounding ones for their newborn babies. In my own workplace, I found more than 30 students whose names are Jocelyn (with all variant spellings), more than 20 Kevins, around 20 Jasons, Michelle and so on. But the most numerous one for girls are Jocelyn, while for boys are Kevin, Jason and Michael.


It will take very long time to talk about names. In the past, people only give simple names for their children. It’s based on natures, happenings or special events. Even they just gave random names based on what they think and I know it’s because of their simple thoughts as almost all of them were villagers. There are around 10 persons who bear name ‘Tuhan‘ (Ina: God), particularly in East Java from Banyuwangi until Probolinggo. Most of them are already more than 40s, and they have no any problems about the name until social media reported about the uncommon names recently. Social media, even tv stations reported and raised up controversies among societies. It’s not over, in South Sumatera, there is a teacher whose name is Saiton. Saiton means Satan, and initially he has no idea why his parents gave him the name. He said it’s because of his siblings who passed away before celebrated their fifth years of life, and his parents were so desperate till they gave him ‘Saiton’. Saiton himself had already tried to change his name twice, but it’s ended with his sickness and until now he bears the name.

Controversy raised up in all situations, even some ulamas also talk about their name and told them to change their name as those names are devilish. In my opinion, their parents’ simplicity in mind as well as -maybe- their educational background in the past or for them the name sounds cool. Many parents also give funny names to their children such as ‘Andy Go To School’. It’s a policeman who serves in Magelang, Central Java, and his name is Andy Go To School. In a television report, he said that name was given by his parents so that he will be diligent at school. Surprisingly, his elder sibling’s name is Happy New Year.! Afterwards, there are more unusual even freak names appear as the strongest media…social media and netizen! A man named ‘Nama’ (Ina : name) until he’s bullied as his unique name. Sounds cool, but yeach…that’s the name. Will they be ordered to change their name on behalf of etiquette and religion basis? I don’t know and may be they will not, as by changing the names, they have to change all their documents from the earliest till the latest and it takes time.

What is the name?
This Shakespeare’s famous quote may sounds simple, but it has got great effect as name means prayer to God. Saiton himself is a good teacher and good Muslims, as well as Tuhan. Even, there is a joke like this.

Ternyata, Tuhan itu ada dan beragama Islam (There’s the real God and He is Muslim)..or

Jika Tuhan, Saiton dan Slamet Dunia Akhirat (Saved in the world and hereafter) bertemu (When Tuhan, Saiton and Slamet Dunia Akhirat meet).


Great jokes, but once more all opinions are open and everyone has got right to share or discuss such case. However, never judge the name’s bearers as it’s not their fault and they have no intentions to do that. If they have willingness to change the name, it should be from their intentions. I ever heard that Allah is also used as name among Indian Muslims and Jesus even becomes given name or surname among Latinos. Among Pakistani Christians, name Masih is also common as another name of Isa Pbuh or Jesus Christ. I believe there will always be unique name among us, from the longest (till one neighbourhood) or the most controversial name. Parents rights should be well respected, but we also can suggest better names in elegant ways and they can accept it.

Me myself, if one day I have a child, I will give him or her good Javanese or Sanskrit name. I don’t care about internationally sounded names in order to ease visa. I want it unique and atypical, in a good way.

Give the best name for your children, you may give the unique one, but not too unique till your child can be bullied because of it.

Tangerang, 8 September 2015

Bambang Priantono

Photocredit : this photo, this photo, this photo

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(Birthday Reflection) : Writing in Other Languages…Fun and Hard

11987098_10153303650814335_8081588710036028069_nI started my writing ‘career’ in 2004. Before, I couldn’t even write every single word. I just merely wrote some short poem, and it took hours for expressing it into typing or handwriting versions. It took hard efforts and times for me to create even one short paragraph as basically I was not into writing at all, and just reflected my emotions through my daydream or drawing. I began my writing stories during 2004 in multiply.com where I could find many new friends as well as knowing some famous people over there. Initially I started writing in English, but time went by, in turn I wrote solely in Bahasa Indonesia, and gradually I lost my foreign friends…just Malaysian, Singaporean, Bruneians and Indonesian online friends I had gotten so far. If I am not mistaken, I tried to write in other languages in 2005.

I ever tried to write in Portuguese in some of my posts. You know? It was so so hard! I had to look for the meaning of words in online dictionary. I translated some of my short writings into Portuguese, particularly Brazilian one. Even for creating one paragraph was so herculean mission for me. But finally I could do that and several responds from Brazilian netters were so good till motivated my to write more and more. However, the motivation was gradually diminished one year later, when I found it’s hard and I was so lazy to write..in turn I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia again.

I wrote and followed several writing or blog contests between 2008-2011. The contests were held among multipliers (Indonesian multiply users) with distinct but creative themes such as selfie for charity. I remembered the contest was held in 2008, and the rules are as the following

  1. The contestant must look for someone whose work is small scaled seller, hawker, cleaning service and so on.
  2. The contestant must interview him or her about their life, work and hope.
  3. The contestant must took picture pretending to be him or her.
  4. Then, the contestant must took his or her picture in narcistic way hahaha.
  5. The contestant must post their interview into the multiply page

The prices were great, one batik, one batik shirt, book and bunch of money which we must share with the seller or hawker. I just joined for participating, not for winning as I just thought it’s fun and great for charity. I was surprised when the committee said I won the contest. It was my first price and I shared it with the seller two days after I received the money. It was unique and little bit crazy contest I remember till now. I still follow writing contests though it was stopped between 2013-2014. I just returned to the contest just now.


Back to writing in other languages…I have talked too much.

Writing in other languages took more energy and efforts as they are not our mother tongue. I could easily write into Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese and English as they have already been part of my speech. My English, however, is sometimes ungrammatical in many sides and I consider my English writing as the plain English, as there’re no enough phrasal verbs, jargons and may be linguistically quite simple. But, I don’t care about it, as far as people can read and understand what I think, this is what we call understanding and communication. I am still learning when I write in English, and hopefully in the future I will be able to follow more international writing contests. Here I just follow photography challenge every week with different themes. Since 2012 when multiply.com had been kicked the daisy bouquette, I had lost all my postings there and when my friend offered me to back it up, I chose to reject it as there were more than 3500 postings I had already made for the last eight years. I was so lazy to restart…I was dropped and I didn’t want to write anything for a while. Maybe around one year.

I started this blog with the heartbroken mood and decided to write in -mostly-English in order to get more readers. I know it’s hard as I write in other languages. I have got many plans to change some of my useful posts into languages I know better. But, I have to manage my own time with other activities such as teaching, lesson planning, cooking and many more. I need more time to blog and write in other languages. By the way I have got my own blog written in Esperanto, but it’s still merely two or three postings. Felicxamondo is my alter blog in the same WordPress, but I have to study it well while writing it. I have plan to write in French and Portuguese in near future as I believe learning more languages can open your horizon. This blog is ‘officially’ English-based one, though occasionally I write in Bahasa Indonesia especially for competitions or something else when my mood changes. You know, right? Writing mood is much alike other moods, identical to roller coaster. Sometimes it’s on The Mount Everest, but sometimes it’s under the Mariana trench.

It’s hard , as I need to spare more spaces in my brain to divide, when I write in Bahasa, in Javanese, English and other languages. But at the same time, it’s also fun because it means I have something more than other people. I am proud to be called polyglot as I know more than two languages. But for learning one language, I also need monolinguals for developing my language skills. Hmmm….Americans? or Frenchmen? or Portuguese speakers? But…If I want to learn, never speak English to me and let me find out the meaning.

In the 39th of mine, I hope for writing more than the previous years, particularly in more languages and I’ll concentrate in French, Portuguese and Esperanto at first. Hopefully…and I believe my brain will be stronger than before though I realize that I am aging, sometimes I am forgetful and even forget where I put my keys..hahahaha. Thanks for reading my blog, because I believe there’re many silent readers who read mine and I also visit some bloggers for leaving tracks over there.

11947688_10153307224659335_1322050377929002628_nMe, in Chinese painting style (not my work okay)

Terima kasih sudah berkunjung dan membaca blog saya (Bahasa)
Thank you for visiting and reading my blog (English)
Je vous souhaite merci pour visiter et lire mon blogue (Francais)
Muito obrigado pela visita e lendo o meu blogue (Portugues)
Multaj dankon pro visiti kaj legi la mia blogon (Esperanto)
Matur nuwun sampun dumugi kaliyan maos blog kula (Basa Jawa)

11990430_10153312049239335_3362243130500896691_nI give it to you virtually, then

Tangerang, 6 September 2015

Bambang Priantono

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