(Tuesday’s Photo) : KEMBALI / COMING BACK

When The Eid celebration was over
Everyone who return home for celebrating it has to come back
Come back to their place where they work, live and face daily problems
Far away again from the beloved ones
While bringing new things, new goods, even newcomers
Which brings urbanization
Many of them only have brave
Sometimes have very few skills
Just inspired by their neighbors’ successful looked
And city lights
However, they have to be ready for any goods and risks.
It’s the time to come back
It’s the time to back to work and school

Eid Mubarak

DSC09131Photo credit : private collection
Date   : 21 July 2015
Location : Arjosari Bus Station, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Photographer : myself

Special for celebrating my 3rd year of my blog.

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Origami Pesawat Kecil – Golden Mini Aeroplane Origami

Last week, my cousin and her family visited my house in Malang. We had never met for almost one year, and in the hot afternoon we had so many chats and surely some updates from family we never met for years. I was shocked when I knew some of my distant family members had passed away. My cousin was at my home for more than an hour, and when she and her husband along with her adult children left, I cleaned up the table in the livingroom and found this matter. My nephew was secretly creating this during our hearty conversation.

Some tiny aeroplane origamis from chocolate wraps. My lil brain started to work and I put one of them on leaves and took a photo for this week’s challenge.

I hope you’ll enjoy it


And one extra


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(Eid Mubarak Moment) : The Best Thing in My Life

The best thing in my life and even I just feel it now after years…




Seriously crazy


With my eldest aunty


After Ied


Our big family


Why were there so many photographers?


My family (I am single you know)

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(Eid-Ul-Fitr Celebration) : Our Lovely Eid Dishes

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Eid Mubarak for all Muslims in the world! I have already returned from my Eid vacation. Just one week, but it’s nice because I could meet all my big family members as for this year, my home was the host for Eid, next year will be my aunt’s house. Eid-ul-Fitr or Idul Fitri or Lebaran, is the day of purity when we have already finished our compulsory as Muslim, observing fasting month. I don’t know about my Ramadan’s scores this year, let Allah decides and I just do my best.

Okay, for this posting, I just tell about what we eat during Eid. Usually, we tend to have some spicy and greasy food, along with ketupat. Ketupat is a typical dish which must be on Nusantara’s table during Eid celebration. However, for the condiments, it depends on the regions, ethnicity even among families. In many traditions, ketupat is always served along with rendang (spicy meat) and typically Sumatrans or Peninsular Malays. I ever celebrated Eid in Malaysia 8 year ago and had ketupat, rendang and peanut sauce, along with other dishes. Hmmm, that’s so yummy but after returned to Indonesia, my weight boosted up to 5 kg more than before (OMG, where’s my fasting result? heheheh).DSC09023But the best thing I’ve gotten is I know more about different Eid cuisine and even though among Indonesian and Malaysian look alike, but actually It’s not exactly the same as proverb says “Serupa tapi tak sama” (similar but not the same). In my area, many people do not serve ketupat on the day of Eid, but they serve it seven days after Eid called Lebaran Ketupat. Until 1990s, my family still follow the traditions, but because of time elapse and for practical reasons, we serve ketupat on the day. It’s okay, as if we have to wait for lebaran ketupat, we have to play truant for working or school then.

For this year, we’ve got many alternatives. For breakfast, okay..we have ketupat, telor petis, sayur tempe, and opor ayam. But for lunch, it’s served along with bakso (meat balls). It’s refreshment after having greasy foods and at least reduce your fat (only a few portions, then). We had bakso after praying Juma and combination between bakso and siomay as well as clear soup plus hot chilli sauce make the hot weather got hotter…hehehe..oops…better. We had many chats, nostalgia, sharing and also wefie together. But I always try to avoid one sensitive question : When will you get married?. Allright…just wait till I get someone special after 10 years then. Bakso is my best friend at the time!


In my family’s homeDSC09022

Along with a big pan of bakso! DSC09024My own portion

Two days later, my elder uncle invited us again to his house….the menus are exactly different and so East Javanese styled! Rawon (black meat soup), pecel (Indonesian styled salad), bakwan jagung (corn fritter), semur (Indonesian stew), fried tempe and of course Krupuk). We also had chat again and again even though most of them particularly the elders meet almost everyday. But the youngers, as they lived far away, we discussed anything from marriage, children, and also the trending topics….gemstone! My cousins talked about it as they’re the experts and I knew one of them had already searched various gemstones from Aceh till Sulawesi. He showed the black jade and I forgot what else as I’m not interested in it. However, I got many new things during the discussions along with black coffee.

DSC09111In my elder uncle’s house

You know, when lunch time came, I mixed between pecel and rawon. It resulted as Pecel Rawon (mixture between pecel and rawon. It’s typically from Probolinggo, East Java). The taste was so great! But my step aunt forgot to add salted egg and mendol (rolled spicy tempe) as rawon’s condiment. I just said “It’s okay…next time.”

DSC09114Pecel Rawon of Probolinggo

I love Eid besides of family reunion and return home (mudik), it’s also the best moment to have good food (though we should also remember and help the needful ones). We don’t need something new, but hopefully new spirit and new beginning as we believe after Ramazan, we’re reborn. May Allah bless us. Amen.

Tangerang, 23 July 2015

Bambang Priantono

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : The Balinese Ogoh-ogoh

This week’s challenge is about symbol, and suddenly forces me to search my old files. Then, I found those two photos I consider okay and representative for the challenge. Here are Ogoh-ogoh, an art tradition which is always performed one day before Nyepi. It represents Bhuta Kala from the word Bhu (Nature’s power) and Kala (time) which is undenieable. The ogoh-ogoh is symbolized as giant, but along the time, sometimes various forms such as celebrities, politicians, religious leaders or even villains and angels besides others form like elephant and dragon.

In Bhuta Kala (giant) form, Ogoh-ogoh is performed and paraded one day before Nyepi (Day of Silence) called Pangrupukan. According to Hinduism (particularly Balinese), Ogoh-ogoh symbolizes human’s consciousness on nature power and powerful time, depend on human themselves where to bring it. Human’s purity and good intentions for nature’s wellness…

This is a very old tradition which should be preserved as part of Balinese culture and Indonesian one in general.


DSC00958Tangerang, 11 July 2015

Bambang Priantono

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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : The Doors/ Pintu

Which one is your door?
Door can be shut or opened
Door is your protector
Door is also others’ access to you
Door is also the way to divine
And to eternity
Door can tell you many things
About past, present and future

In life, we’ll always pass various doors



Ngempon Temple with Kala Makara , Semarang


A Chinese Temple entrance, Semarang, Central Java


A 400 century-aged shut old door, Fatahillah Museum, Jakarta


Open door to Bale Bacem, Kasepuhan Palace, Cirebon, West Java


Entrance in Kalasan Temple, Yogyakarta

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(Photos of The Day) : UPCOMING EID AROMA

It’s already the 13th day of Ramazan, I don’t know how much I’d done so far. But I believe Allah knows best all about mine. Nusantara’s tradition for celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr (Idul Fitri or colloquially Lebaran) is about to be…ketupat. The traditional typical Eid dish that must be available in every Nusantara’s houses (Nusantara consists of what we call now Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Southern Thailand and The Philippines-particularly southern), along with various dishes (usually greasy and spicy).

Eid is about to come
We’re about to celebrate
But…also to be sad
As Ramazan is about to leaveWhat have we already done in this holy month?

Only Allah Knows

Date : 1 July 2015
Location : Kelapa Dua Market, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Taken by : Smartphone


Take me please!


Wanna buy?


Ketupat covers

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