(2019 Post) : Pontianak-Styled Fried Egg

Hello, welcome to 2019! It’s been a while I hadn’t been writing over here, particularly since my mom had kicked a bucket of daisy 10 months ago ( I missed her so much) and let me try to do something s**t to be blogged again. I start from my childhood favourite breakfast.. When I was…

Long Time Ago, Meh?

Well, it’s been a very longtime since I blogged here. Hmm, I need to clean up this blog for a moment till filling it again with my lovely postings. Here I share again the traditional costumes I drew with MS Paint. From South Sumatera, Indonesia. Enjoy it then.

2021 Work : Taiwanese Indigenous People

These are my works again for international ones. Taiwanese indigenous people who’s believed to be origins of Austronesian people Enjoy 🙂 @copyrighted