(Weekly Photo Challenge) : THE BROKEN STUPA

All will be broken in the time
If it is left untreated
Or hidden by history
Without exception
Broken and then ruined
Though some can be survived
But surely it’s not as its heyday
It’s just memorized, retold
And taken care by anyone who cares

Broken from the past

Location : Jogjakarta, Indonesia


The broken stupa, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Sepasang Ondel-Ondel / Ondel-Ondel Couple

Special for this week’s pair, I still present my ondel-ondel pair. Can you guess which one is male and which one is female?


That’s all

Location : Jakarta Old Town, 2014


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Travel Theme : Topi / Hat – Kopiah

This type of hat is common among South East Asians, particularly among Indonesians, Malaysians, Southern Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Philippines. It has got many names, such as kopiah (I think it was derived from Dutch word kopje), songkok, or peci. Mostly it is worn in special events or decreasingly daily basis, not just among Muslims, but also from other religions.

It’s been a long time I haven’t worn this hat. I think for more than ten years, as I prefer wearing others and it depends on your taste.

Enjoy it

For this theme

Location : Banten Lama, 2014


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(Weekly Photo Challenge) : THE REAL ENVELOPES

I don’t which part should I share in this week’s theme, but fine..I’ve got some envelopes from Chinese New Year event I took the pictures. Well, enjoy it and this is my participation on the challenge.

Envelopes…the real ones.


Hanging money envelope


Hanging money envelope 2


Frozen theme..hehehehe

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(Thursday Reflection) : THUNDER LIKE…..

Thunder reflection
As God takes a picture to you
Enjoy the thunder like reflection
Happy Holiday



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(Goody Foody Indonesia) : LAKSA BOGOR PICTURE

Laksa is popular spicy noodle soup from Peranakan community which scattered from Malaysia, Singapore till Indonesia. It is combination between Chinese and Malay influences. In Indonesia itself, laksa can be found in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bogor as well as some other areas like Lakso of Palembang, Laksan, or Laksa Banjar (from South Kalimantan). For this week, I share about Laksa Bogor which is one of the most famous Indonesian laksa. When I go to Bogor, I always look for this typical dish along with Tauge Goreng (fried beansprouts), Es Pala (nutmeg ice), Bolu Talas (Taro cake), Pai Talas (Taro Pie) as well as Roti Unyil (Tiny bread).

Well, Laksa Bogor itself is unique as it has also Sundanese influence. Bogor is culturally Sundanese, though in Northern part of Bogor regency has got Betawian Malay influences. Sundanese is spoken by majority of Bogornese, while Betawian Malay is spoken in northern part, close to Jakarta border. Malay, Chinese and Sundanese are mingled in it. Laksa Bogor is a thick and yellowish coconut milk based soup mixed with Bihun (rice vermicelli), Ketupat (glutinous rice cake), kemangi (basil leaves), tauge (beansprouts), fried onions, shredded chicken or prawn, and the most typical Sundanese influence is oncom (similar to tempe, but it’s fermented with different fungi and the colour is reddish orange). This is my favourite Bogorese dish and the taste is not spicy, but mild as well as little bit sweet. If you want to have it saltier, the seller will provide you salt and some green chili sambal for adding taste. Sometimes in several sellers, they will give you noodles crackers.

DSC08774Laksa Bogor

Laksa Bogor is one of Bogor’s icon and I love this food though may some people dislike it. However, it depends on your taste, then. This is Indonesia, where all influences are met into one. Betawian Laksa, Tangerang Laksa and Cibinong one has also their own uniqueness and all for me are tasty!

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(Weekly Photochallenge) : From The Force of Tea/ Kekuatan Teh

From the youngest top of the tea
We get the freshness
From the youngest tip of the tea
We get the benefits
The healthiness
The worthiness
From the past to the present
From the force of tea
History can be changed
From the force of tea
All people can enjoy different thingsTea, the green golden
Will always be lovely one

Special for this week’s challenge

Location : Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Bogor, West Java



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