(Friday Contemplation in Poem) : I Wanna Be Freed

I am trapped
I am locked
I am died
Under this deadly words

I am suffered
I am cursed
I am blamed
Under this circumstance

I am kicked
I am ignored
I am bullied
Under this condition

Now I am frozen
In that blue freezing castle
I wanna be freed
Being myself

I wanna be freed
From this dogmatic and freezing ideology
Though I believe in it deeply
I don’t wanna be into the wrong path

I am frozen
I wanna be defreezed
By enlightenment
Inside this belief

I am not a new born…. I just an ordinary
Who wants to be tolerate
Respect others
Inside this castle

Believe by reason, in my own….

Tangerang, 10 October 2014

4 Comments Add yours

  1. danirachmat says:

    may this not the condition that each one of us is facing..

      1. danirachmat says:

        Owch. Wish you the best way out then Mas..

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