(Goody Foody Indonesia) : Tumis Jagung Buncis ala Manado/ Manado-Styled Sauteed Sweet Corn and Snaps

One thing I am proud for being born and raised up in Indonesia is its culinary diversity. Every regions has its own taste and style, from sweetened flavours in Central Javanese foods until exotic foods in many regions of Indonesia (which some of them cannot be eaten by Muslims). For this goody foody Indonesia’s edition, I just want to share the recipe I’ve tried after watched a culinary program in a local television station. It’s from Manado, North Sulawesi which is famous of its spicy and fragrant tastes….rica-rica? dabu-dabu? hmmmm…all foreigners must try this if you love hot and spicy ones. Even you can eat fried banana with sambal there. So yummy…all right then, I’d like to share the recipe. Originally it is only made of corn, snaps, condiments with powdered broth (if you like it). But for my version, I add some mushrooms for its chewy and meaty structures.

It’s not sin as made of 100% vegetable and it’s good for vegetarians (but not for those who avoid garlic! sorry..hehehe). Are you ready? if not….just say ready and read this! Hahay


200 gr sweet corn (you may use the frozen one..but don’t forget to freeze it up)100 gr snaps / kacang panjang, cut it diagonally.
100 gr mushrooms/ jamur cut into half

Seasoning (all must be grounded)
5 garlic/ bawang putih
8 onions/ shallot/ bawang merah
2 lemongrass/ serai
some ginger/ jahe
2-3 candlenuts/ kemiri
3 red chilis/ cabai merah
3 bird eye chili/ cabai rawit

Other ingredients
3 kaffir lime leaves/ daun jeruk purut, chop them well.
Some chopped spring onions/ daun bawang
Some salt / garam
Some sugar/ gula
Some cooking oil / minyak goreng
2 glasses of water/ air

Some fresh basil/kemangi..it gives special fragrance to this cook.

I didn’t use any additional seasonings as my Mom said, combination between salt and sugar is the perfect one. Just add as you wish.

How to make it?
1. Heat the cooking oil until well in the wok or pan (not on your pants). Add the grounded seasonings, fry it until fragrant.
2. Add the sliced snaps, fry it until half-cooked.
3. Add the mushrooms and mix it well.
4. Finally, mix the sweet corns, do not forget to stir it ocassionaly (not too often unless you wanna make a hot and spicy corn porridge).5. Do not forget to sprinkle the chopped keffir lime leaves onto your sautee. Add some water if possible.
6. Salt and sugar are duetto…never separate them. Add the fresh basil. Fry until it withered.
7. Finally, you can add chopped spring onions….or…if you dislike it, you may leave it. It doesn’t have much effect on your authentically Manadoan style (but it’s better if you add it).
8. Serve it hot! It’s deadly delicious if you eat it with hot cooked rice!….My friend even had tasted it and thanks God, she said she had got ’em all.

Enjoy it!!!

Salam dari Indonesia.

ImageFor my lunch yesterday..

ImageProud of Indonesian food!


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  1. Dani says:

    Ngiler baca postingan ini jam dua pagi. Huehehehe.

  2. weh mas bambang iso masak nih ya… keren… hehehe ntar dicoba deh resepnya tapi bareng ma ibu/mbak saya masaknya

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