(Monday Reflection) : Lion Dance/Barongsai/舞獅

In China it’s called 舞獅 Pronounced differently in Chinese languages. Mandarin will say wǔshī Cantonese will say mou5 si1 Southern Min/Hokkien will say it as 跳獅 (thiau sai) Vietnamese will say múa lân Korean will say sajachum Japanese will say it as shishimai Malaysian will say literally as ‘tari singa’ and Indonesian adopts barongsai (the word ‘sai’ is clearly…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Fly / Terbang

After window shopping at the first IKEA in Indonesia, (IKEA has just opened its Indonesian branch in Alam Sutra, Southern Tangerang) I walked to return home and when I saw many kites flying, I remembered on this challenge. My camera couldn’t zoom till the maximum so I took as far as I could. Flying kites…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Orange / Jingga

Orange is sunset Between yellow and read Hot and agressive But never be offensive After for a while hiatus, I come again for following this challenge. Hi there! I am back! For this orange moment   Orangey night Orangey sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge : On The Move/ Bergerak

Move on Shake it on Just jump on On your bikes Location : Hutan Kota BSD, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia Time  : Just now Special for this weekly challenge   Move…ride Come on, and turn around Jump!    

Weekly Photo Challenge : LETTER / Aksara

For this week’s challenge, I’d like to present some related photos on letters. Yeach, letter…which letter is okay right?   This was taken in a small road in Semarang, Central Java more than a year ago. I was interested in this grafitti, as it showed Javanese characters which used to be official script for Javanese…

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Inside of Things / Bagian Dalam

What’s inside? Inside the building and inside of your beverage? See inside….see from here Special for this week’s challenge Inside Lawang sewu Grandeur inside… Inside the Chinese Temple What do you think about its inside? Salam Manis, Bambang Priantono

(Sunday’s Photos) : STREET MUSICIANS

Many ways we do for seeking money, and one of them is become a street musician. Some people dress up improper, from car to car, and sometimes force people to give them some money. But some others do it like professionals. I saw a group of street musicians wear traditional attires and ensembles too. Enjoy…

(Friday’s Photographs) : Lion Dance / Tari Barongsai

At school, there was just held an event for celebrating Chinese New Year. There was lion dance and also dragon dance performances. It was started at 9.45 am until 11.30 am. Separated into two sessions in accordance to the audience. The first session was for grade 1 until 3, while the rest was grade 4…

Photo-Editing Challenge : Vintage / Jadul

What do you think if all photos become vintage looked? Classy, antique, remarkable, and memorable… Just using combination between sephia, antique and vignette features in Photoscape…everything looks like this. For special challenge here Original Vintaged version Original Does it look scary? Original….bright right? Vintaged style Bonus Greetings,

Travel Theme : Kering / Dry / Droog / Tuyo / Garing

What? dry? In this season? Nooooo!!!! But my collections won’t ever wet…always dry. Beach, is always my dry place and wet one at the same time. Blissful in dry season, but…..yeach…in rainy season. Enjoy this dry or kering in Bahasa Indonesia. Location : Sundak beach, Jogjakarta, Indonesia Dry beach in dry season Some humid, some…