Weekly Photo Challenge : Threshold/Ambang

Threshold in Bahasa is meant ‘ambang’ (uhm buhnk)
What ‘ambang’? Ambang batas? or what?
I don’t know exactly, as threshold can be defined in many ways.
These are my interpretation of threshold for this week’s challenge.
A way to the eternity and where should I go next?
All were taken in Semarang, Central Java where I spent more than four years living there. Should I change the place again? Only Allah (God) knows about it.



Ereveld Candi, one of Dutch KNIL cemeteries in Semarang besides Kalibanteng


Where should I go? *passing through the flood*- Semarang Old City

Salam Manis

Tangerang, 6 April 2014

Bambang Priantono

36 Comments Add yours

  1. ysalma says:

    Jalan di Semarang sempat terendam air juga ya.

    1. Seringlah…apalagi di Kota Bawah, gak cuma banjir kali, banjir rob juga.

  2. Isengrapher says:

    rodok angel golek ide go tema seng siji iki om

  3. Halim Santoso says:

    Ereveld candi nya bikin mupeng hehehe…

  4. I like the flood picture. Nice photo

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