(Lomba Essai Museum Nasional ) : Koleksi Prasasti, Jembatan Masa Lalu dengan Masa Kini

Prasasti adalah suatu benda yang terbuat baik dari batu maupun lempengan logam, fungsinya sangat banyak, antara lain menjadi patok batas suatu wilayah, pidato raja ataupun penanda pembangunan suatu tempat, disamping berupa supata bila melanggar aturan tertentu. Prasasti juga salah satu peninggalan sejarah tertulis yang abadi karena dipahat dan dapat bercerita tentang suatu kejadian di masa…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art / Karya Seni Part 2 – Wayang Making

For this week’s challenge, and I think this is also part of Work of Art, I’d like to share about one of Indonesia’s work art. Wayang. The first picture is called ‘Gunungan’. It looks like a mountain which represents human’s life and always appears in every wayang (puppet show) performance. Particularly in the opening. While…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art / Karya Seni (Part/Bagian 1)

Inscription For me, it is also part of work of art. Because it shows about the past. It can tell about happening among our ancestors. The inscription also becomes memoir for an event such as irrigation building, village borders, king’s oath or curse and publications. These are one of the oldest inscriptions found in Indonesia….

(Today’s Little Story) : Olivia Mariamne Devenish Raffless in Memoriam

“Sacred to the memory of Olivia Mariamne, wife of hon’ble Thomas Stamford Raffless, Lieutenant Governor of Java and its dependencies, who departed this life at Buitenzorg (now Bogor), the 23 of November 1814.” The inscription reminded me to the memorial monument in Bogor Botanical Park (Kebun Raya Bogor), where Olivia Mariamne Devenish passed away there….

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Nature Animal

In nature, animals are always attractive. It doesn’t always wild one, but also the common one like alley cat or anything else. I saw this cat when I was with my friends at a bridge in Taman Kota 2, BSD, Tangerang Selatan. It looked like wild cat, but I think it has been accustomed to…

(Sunday’s Photographs) : Hijab Center

Just now I went to Indonesia National Museum and Inscription Park Museum (Museum Taman Prasasti) and when I wanted to go home, I passed Tanah Abang market which is the largest grocery zone even in South East Asia. You can find any clothes in grocery prices, and people from various parts of Indonesia, even the…

(Sunday’s Photographs) : A Pinch of Sun

How to get a pinch of sun For enlightenment For heartwarming For love   *Not really good technique, but it’s fine..heheh* Pinch it One pinch more Get it Grab it home

Weekly Photo Challenge : On The Move/ Bergerak

Move on Shake it on Just jump on On your bikes Location : Hutan Kota BSD, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia Time  : Just now Special for this weekly challenge   Move…ride Come on, and turn around Jump!    

(Today’s Reflection) : HOUSEWIVES’ HERO

They are the fast living housewives’ heroes I mean, the housewives who have no time to go to market Or, too -…- to go Just wait him passes Fruits, veggies, spices Meats, sausages, dried fish All go with reasonable prices Sometimes we can owe if we do not have much money Just based on trust…

A Photo A Week Challenge : FLIGHT / PENERBANGAN

Hi, this is my interpretation of flight It is not really flight because I forget where I put my flight photos. That’s why I put this photo as I consider it as fly, though it is not. Looks like flying, right?   Salam   Bambang Priantono