(Contemplation) : While I was Hiatus

Hello there?

It’s been a while I am away. Away from virtual life. Away from all activities related to blogging and social networking. I know there are many things I’ve missed during more than a week hiatus. But at the time, I feel like I’m lonely, I feel like alienated from my real world where I supposed to be. And I need to review what happened in my own social life, particularly the real one.

Yeach, I started to be away from my virtual social life. I stopped blogging, facebooking and browsing, at least for a while. I never declare anymore if I wanna stay away from internet as may I can lose my real social life…no, I just wanna take a break, leaving for a little time as in one of my favorite song from Chicago…”Everybody needs a little time away, far away from each other”. This is what I am feeling up to now. I almost lose my negotiating skills when I have to face someone, and it cannot be tolerated anymore. It must be released and cured. I must quit for a moment from virtual life, because I was almost trapped into my imaginary life. I forget when..maybe after 13 February 2014 I started to be away.

When I walked to my workplace, I used to stop to the nearest internet cafe for browsing. But then, I passed it, I went directly to my place because there were so many things I had to do. Correcting students projects and tests , being person in charge for students field trip (grade 4), negotiating to field trip place, and presentations..etc..etc….February is a very hectic month for me as there are many works…but I thanked God of it, as it means I am still blessed by Him….working. Alhamdulillah, I am still working and it is blessing. In field trip, I was so hectic and responsible for 325 students which divided into 10 sessions and you know, we took public transportations for getting a cake store which lies only 5 minutes from our schools. They looked so happy, and..yeach..kiddies! They learned how to make a cupcake live from the place and also decorated it according to their imagination. I was so nervous at the time, but because of my colleagues’s helps (all grade 4 teachers, thank you so much), everything has been done well.

Honestly, my friend said I am not a good starter, but -maybe-great booster. I tried to do my best for negotiating, and gradually I can do that again. Maybe there’s no relationship between keep online with losing negotiating skills, but for me it happens. After several days hiatus, I feel alive…I talk a lot with my friends, my surroundings, and even I have got new colleagues, from store manager (in the cake store) and public transportation drivers. I know them and it is blessing from being away. Even the effect, I can talk much better in better tone than before. Maybe you disagree with me, but It works on me….being hiatus sometimes good for you. Releasing my boredom and enrich life better. I cannot be hiatus longer, but at least I try it.

Finally, I return here….

With fresher ideas…

10 Comments Add yours

  1. uni fauzia says:

    udah dibaca..:D

  2. uni fauzia says:

    sorry…lg migraine…kesan beban kerja yg bertambah…
    suksess ya..

    1. Aamiin…gak papa. Jaga kesehatan ya Uni..

  3. uni fauzia says:

    thanks..in shaa Allah.

  4. Hanno Phenn says:

    Well done my friend . You are right we have to take a break and take a step back sometimes to review where we are and what we are. But anyway good to see you back.Regs. Hanno

  5. uni fauzia says:

    ramai yg kangen tuh……
    nuliiiiisss lagi……hehe

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