Weekly Photo Challenge : Threes / Tiga

Three, trio, bertiga or anything about three…

Three umbrellas

Three brushes

Three coupons

Three characters

All in one event held at my school…..Hanyu Feng 2014

For this challenge

Taken : Sekolah Terpadu PAHOA, Gading Serpong Tangerang, Indonesia (just now)

ImageThree umbrellas

ImageThree brushes

ImageThree coupons for getting meals (or anything else)

ImageThree signs…or characters (can anyone read it?)

Lil bit blurred, because it’s not at the best lightning as it rains a lot since last night.

22 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    Wonderful post very well assembled objects and great images.

    1. Hehehe, just for fun…more than one week I was hiatus and try it again.

  2. anja says:

    Love the umbrellas and the water behind!!! 🙂

  3. Love the unbrellas!!


  4. danirachmat says:

    Bagus-bagus potonya. EH ternyata di Pahoa toh Pak? Temen saya juga ada yang mengajar di sana. 😀

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