(Tuesday posting) : Tasikardi Lake, Serang, Banten

Several weeks ago I went to Serang, Banten for exploring Old Banten where it used to be part of Banten Sultanate. From several places, I went to Tasikardi, an artificial lake made during Panembahan Maulana Yusuf’s reign (1570-1580 AD), and it has got 5 ha in total area with a small island in the middle of it. My ojek rider said, besides it was used to be Sultanate family’s refreshing area, there were some rumours that ilegitimately pregnant women would be isolated over there. Till she died or not he didn’t really know, and even one of Old Banten Mosque minaret’s materials was taken from Tasikardi’s mud.

Unfortunately, after rain, it looked like dirty because of flowing water from anywhere. However, my ojek rider told me, during dry season it looked clearer than before. Someday I’ll see there again. It is located 10 km of Serang city, at Desa Margasama, Kramatwatu.

Enjoy it

ImageTasikardi, Serang, Banten


ImageTasikardi, Banten


ImageTasikardi, Banten

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20 responses to “(Tuesday posting) : Tasikardi Lake, Serang, Banten

  1. Looks like an intriguing place Bambang. There seems to be a lot of mystery about shunned women being abandoned on an island in the middle of a lake – even Princess Diana was buried on an island on her family’s estate.

  2. tenang tapi ga terawat ya..

  3. I wasn’t familiar with any of those place names so I went to Wikipedia…. Indonesia………Now I know.

  4. Sayang sekali tak terawat ya, coba saja terawat, bisa jadi tempat yang asikk dan tentunya segar.

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