(Poetry) : VALENTINE

A bunch of dark chocolate in front of me
A cup of hot dark cocoa besides it
No card or saying along with
Just me…myself
Celebrating with the shadow
The cat and….you…out there

Enjoy the choco
As if in heaven
By heart’s warmth
Enlightened heart
Though there’s still no love
Just say…valentine is everyday.

Bambang Priantono
14 February 2013

12 Comments Add yours

  1. fauziyah junid says:

    yooo…….bagus banget…share….!!!
    (cinta sama Allah Taala dan RasulNya..pasti berbaloi…)

  2. coklatnya diunjuk Mas.. selak adem..

    1. Wis entek je…heheheheheh

  3. Lovely poem for loving day …

  4. nunu says:

    cinta itu membungkus hari2 kita, gk cmn pas valentine hehe… betuls2… love itt, puisiny bagus..

  5. coklat emang heaven deh..

  6. nurusyainie says:

    “… The cat…”


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