(Weekly Photo Challenge) : The Balinese Ogoh-ogoh

This week’s challenge is about symbol, and suddenly forces me to search my old files. Then, I found those two photos I consider okay and representative for the challenge. Here are Ogoh-ogoh, an art tradition which is always performed one day before Nyepi. It represents Bhuta Kala from the word Bhu (Nature’s power) and Kala (time) which is undenieable. The ogoh-ogoh is symbolized as giant, but along the time, sometimes various forms such as celebrities, politicians, religious leaders or even villains and angels besides others form like elephant and dragon.

In Bhuta Kala (giant) form, Ogoh-ogoh is performed and paraded one day before Nyepi (Day of Silence) called Pangrupukan. According to Hinduism (particularly Balinese), Ogoh-ogoh symbolizes human’s consciousness on nature power and powerful time, depend on human themselves where to bring it. Human’s purity and good intentions for nature’s wellness…

This is a very old tradition which should be preserved as part of Balinese culture and Indonesian one in general.


DSC00958Tangerang, 11 July 2015

Bambang Priantono

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