(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Opposite- Berlawanan

Once upon a time, there were two ducks. One had white feathers, while another had brown ones. Opposite, right? They were from a remote village and wanted to visit their relatives in Jakarta. What happened then? They were lost!

They were lost in the middle of Jakarta. It’s highly contrast to their community. They knew none. They were so desperated….they need our help. Till the brownie hid his head as he’s totally exhausted.

Whitey : “How dumb you are. Why do you bring us here?”
Browney : ” I cannot see the difference….no greens over here.”
Whitey : “So, we’re lost…aren’t we?”
Browney : “Hhh..yeach….so, let me sleep first.”
Whitey : “Whatever.”

The end of the story? later on

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  1. Jakarta is a big place for two small ducks.

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