Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue/Dialog – Cultural Meeting

Pictures tell all..
Then this is why I choose those photos. Not really artistic, but I believe it tells all about the happening. Let me tell you some parts.

Special for this challenge




I ever uploaded this photo. But I share it again because it tells about two persons.



This is my good friend, Olivier Raap from Holland. I have met him twice and he’s humble personality. He speaks Bahasa Indonesia perfectly (with some accents lah). I took this photo when I and him was at Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta on Car Free Day (last year). We met Ondel-Ondel street artists and I told him to greet the Ondel-Ondel…Hehehehe.. Two cultures meet on the street


Location : Semarang and Jakarta

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  1. ID Pulsa says:

    Nice post… Nice Picture

  2. Dikasih apa itu? Obat, makanan, apa minuman energi?

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