A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Fly / Terbang

After window shopping at the first IKEA in Indonesia, (IKEA has just opened its Indonesian branch in Alam Sutra, Southern Tangerang) I walked to return home and when I saw many kites flying, I remembered on this challenge. My camera couldn’t zoom till the maximum so I took as far as I could. Flying kites in the sunset. I love it so much..

For this challenge

DSC07506 DSC07504 DSC07503 DSC07496 DSC07508Location : Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Refraction / Pembiasan

When I see the refracted lights
I see another world over thereThe magically refracted illusion
Over my eyes
Over my mind
Flow over my heart
Colourful and mysterious
I am finding out my refracted one
Though I know it’s inside me

Tangerang, 18 October 2014

For this week’s challenge

DSC01612The refracted reflection/ Bayangan yang terbiaskan 1


The refracted reflection/ bayangan yang terbiaskan 2


Refracted light/ Cahaya yang terbias


Refracted lemongrass reflection/ Bayangan serai yang terbias

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Vibrant Temple

I was so busy recently, so I haven’t been blogging for a while. For this vibrant photo, I just remembered one photo I took in Semarang when I was living there for more than 4 years.

This is vibrant colour I took in Gang Lombok Temple where the legendary Semarang Chinatown is located. Enjoy this vibrant and love our heritage.

Okay Cee, that’s for this week’s challenge.



Location : Klenteng Gang Lombok, Semarang

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(Sunday’s Reflection) : Among The Books – A Poetry


This the place I want to stay forever
Be drowned among millions of knowledges
They are my real and truly friends
Open the millions gates to the truth
From the bitterness to the sweetness of live
Love, hatred, affection, surprise, anger and more
From the past to the present
I love to be au millieu of them
In a quiet place, only silence
Just read, read and then…inspired
This is the place I want to live
It is the sea of knowledge for me
Though many love the digitalized one


Tangerang, 12 October 2014


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Dreamy – Terbawa Mimpi

For this week’s challenge, I wanna share these photos. The old ones as those were taken almost 2 years ago during my 2 days visitation to Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java. I love to see sunrise from the top of plateau and seeing the steep valley in its other parts. I can imagine for living in the plateau, seeing the wonderful moments everyday, cold temperature and in some ocassions, sulphur’s smell as it is a vulcanic plateau with its tricky dangerous craters…its fertile soil and vibrant society in their daily lives.

Dreamy, that’s my dreamland…
Far away from city’s crowds…
Stay away from hypocracies…
Live away from political and religious-on behalf violences
Hide away from world’s hurting social live

That’s the dream…so dreamyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For this challenge


Location : Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo-Banjarnegara, Central Java


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(Friday Contemplation in Poem) : I Wanna Be Freed

I am trapped
I am locked
I am died
Under this deadly words

I am suffered
I am cursed
I am blamed
Under this circumstance

I am kicked
I am ignored
I am bullied
Under this condition

Now I am frozen
In that blue freezing castle
I wanna be freed
Being myself

I wanna be freed
From this dogmatic and freezing ideology
Though I believe in it deeply
I don’t wanna be into the wrong path

I am frozen
I wanna be defreezed
By enlightenment
Inside this belief

I am not a new born…. I just an ordinary
Who wants to be tolerate
Respect others
Inside this castle

Believe by reason, in my own….

Tangerang, 10 October 2014

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Weekly Photo Challenges : Signs/ Tanda

I took these pictures using VGA camera on my phone, that’s why the quality is not really excellent. But those two pictures will tell about the message.

This month is called ‘Bulan Bahasa/ Month of Language’ in my country where we’re encouraged to speak good and better Bahasa as it’s for commemorating 1928’s Oath of Youth who declared this Malay-derived language as our unity and official language, as well as change it into ‘Bahasa Indonesia’. Bulan Bahasa is always held every october annually, and there are many language-related competitions such as poem reading, riddles, writing contest or story telling. It is also intended to reserve and  develop our national language which has been learnt in many countries as well.

Here are the signs in my school.

Location : Sekolah Terpadu PAHOA / PAHOA school , Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

Special for this challenge

1618410_10152544288239335_4980943041764731279_nIt means: today, speak good and correct Bahasa

10408105_10152544289034335_6706942774438812298_nIt means : Let’s speak good and correct Bahasa Indonesia
Parlerons propre et bon Bahasa
Falamos um correcto e bom Bahasa

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