Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue/Dialog – Cultural Meeting

Pictures tell all..
Then this is why I choose those photos. Not really artistic, but I believe it tells all about the happening. Let me tell you some parts.

Special for this challenge




I ever uploaded this photo. But I share it again because it tells about two persons.



This is my good friend, Olivier Raap from Holland. I have met him twice and he’s humble personality. He speaks Bahasa Indonesia perfectly (with some accents lah). I took this photo when I and him was at Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta on Car Free Day (last year). We met Ondel-Ondel street artists and I told him to greet the Ondel-Ondel…Hehehehe.. Two cultures meet on the street


Location : Semarang and Jakarta

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Road/ Jalan

These are photos I took when I was still in Semarang, Central Java. Steep road and you’ll see the extremity as Semarang divided into two parts : coastal plain (Kota Bawah/ Lower City) and hilly (Kota Atas/ Upper City). I like its contour, as from some points I can see sea from the hilly parts. Sorry for being late, Cee..

For road/ jalan


Semarang’s road



Good for diet and calory burning hehehehe…

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(Just Share) : Kari Ayam Medan/ Medan-styled Chicken Curry

Indonesia has got diverse gastronomy styles and influenced either locally or internationally since centuries. One of them is curry which originated from Hindustan, but then it was brought along with Hindustanis immigration to various parts of the world, and surely Indonesia. Sumatran curry is as spicy as its origins, while Javanese curry is less spicy and has more candlenut or white curry (opor).

My friend, an Indonesian famous writer, Helvy Tiana Rosa gave me the Medan styled chicken curry, as she’s originally from Medan, North Sumatera. I asked her the recipe when visiting her house in Depok as she served it for me. It tasted spicy but not too hot…so delicious till I asked her the recipe. But because of her busy times, she just gave it to me through her pm in facebook. Finally I made it at home on last Sunday.


I mix it with mushroom

I went to the closest traditional market to buy the spices, I love spices so that’s why I bought it for one week stock. Do you wanna know how to make Medan-styled chicken curry (though you can use any meat or vegetables if you’re vegetarian). I just modify a bit, not all…because it will lose its authenticity. LOL.

Let me share….it’s not absolute, but for me this is Medan-style. Ini Medan bung!

The ingredients for at least two portions :

500 gr boneless and skinless chicken breast (or any meat), cut into medium sizes
250 gr champignon mushrooms
(you may also add some potatoes)
2 tsp of cooking oil
1 -2 glass of water
1 glass of coconut milk

Condiments (all are blended)
100 gr dried chillies
1 segment of turmeric
2 segments of ginger
1/4 teaspoon of cumin seeds
3 cloves garlic
5 cloves onion

Other condiments
1 clove big onion, chop
1 lemongrass, mash
2 cardamoms
2 lime leaves
1 bay leaf
1 mashed galangal
1 star anise
1 cinnamon
1 or 2 cloves
Some salt and sugar for the taste
(you can also add some chicken stock, but I avoid it)

10632797_10152457272119335_4704389858628637063_nThe spices

Note : I don’t cook like chef master, so…that’s the way hehehe..

Preparation :
1. Preheat to pan, heat the cooking oil at first or if you like, you may add some margarine
2. Sautee the chopped big onion at first till it fragrants
3. Add the mixed condiment, sautee and wait till it smells good
4. Mix the sliced chicken, mix and wait until it’s half cooked
5. Add lemongrass, galangal, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, lime leaves, bayleaf and star anise. Sautee them all well while add some water
6. Wait until the chicken mix well
7. Add the mushroom
8. Do not forget to give some sugar and salt in it.
9. Do not forget to taste them first
10. Enjoy it with warm rice, bread or baked potatoes

That’s the recipe and I had to spend a half an hour to grind the dried chilly, as I forgot to soak it into water. Hehehehe..

Well, this is my today’s sharing and have a nice try…(If you wanna try..but for spicy food haters, never dare to have it! LOL)


Have a nice meal

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Travel Theme : Orange/ Jingga

In Bahasa Indonesia, it is called ‘jingga’, officially, but colloquially people tend to say ‘oren’ or ‘oranye’. While some Javanese say as ‘kuning telo’ (yam’s yellow). But I tend to use native word to loan one.

There is no blue without yellow and colour orange -Vincent Van Gogh

Orange is hot and intermediate between hotty red and brightly yellow. Can you imagine wearing a bright orange shirt with green collar and bright red pants in the bright yellow background? Hehehehe..

No, just mild orange



Smooth orangey sunset


Freshy orange under the gloomy sky


Hot orange and red flower


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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Arch/ Lengkung

Selamat sore/ good afternoon/ bom dia/ bonjour

In Bahasa Indonesia, arch has also got several meanings…but for this case it means curve or lengkungan. Talking about arch, I have such archy photos and these are taken in Jakarta City Old Station (Stasiun Jakarta Kota) which locates in Jakarta Old City. It has been appointed as  one of historical and cultural landmark in Jakarta since 1993. It was built around 1870 and reopened in 1929. It serves various lines, either in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi) and various cities in Java island.

I just took its inside, as I am impressed with its arched architecture and that’s why I share these pictures for this challenge.




Arched building, Jakarta Kota station



Busy station


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Weekly Photo Challenge : My Interpretation of Fray

Honestly, it was hard to interpret the meaning of ‘fray’, as I rarely use this word. In bahasa Indonesia it means ‘percekcokan’, ‘kehebohan’ and many more…but for this case, I choose the ‘kehebohan’ or excitement. The exictement here when I made cassava balls called Gethuk. As a traditional Javanese cuisine, I sometimes make it when I was at home. There are many variations of gethuk and I tried to mix it with cheese as well as food colouring. Many colours and so brightly till people were afraid to eat it as it’s suspicious for being given textile colouring. Hahahaha… No way! What I made here were natural, just I added the colouring too much. Rainbow cassava balls or Gethuk pelangi and I serve it with skewer and shredded coconut.

That’s fray, right? because it excites everyone. Hehehe

And the colours were fighting each other (I ever posted it, but I have another perspective here)

Special for this challenge


Rainbow modern cassava balls/ Gethuk Pelangi Modern

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Sunday Stills, the next challenge : Flower Garden/ Kebun Bunga

This is the flower garden I ever visited during my adventure to Dieng Plateau more than a year ago. In a corner of Telaga Warna (Colour lake), I and my friend visited a flower garden and it was beautiful especially in the morning.

Quiet, nobody but us there till 9 a.m

Location : Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java

Special for you



Peaceful/ Damai



Rest in peace



Do you want to go upstairs?

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