(Post a Day) : That’s my Chinese Painting

I love drawing and do it often in any media but the most is on the scrap papers. What I draw depends on my mood and conditions, as my late uncle ever told me that if you draw a creature, it means you make God angry as you use your imagination. I just draw what I love and yeach, only God can judge me, not human. Okay, just take and put away, but I only wanna tell about my today’s painting. At school there was an open day which intended to kindergarten’s parents who wanted to enroll their children to elementary schools. I kept my division’s corner particularly in ICT booth. At Mandarin’s corner, there were various activities such as handicrafts and chinese painting. I was interested to come and when I saw several friends had been in queue, I told to painter “If you’ve done, please call me.” She smiled and I returned to my own booth.

Maybe an hour later, she called me by waving her hand to me. Thus, She told and practiced how to brush correctly in accordance to Chinese style. She differentiated between brush for black, yellow and red. She chose a brush for red and mixed it with light red, the gradation was great and I was amazed on it. Then, she told me to try. Sometimes good, sometimes bad…the result was the small flowers and the way maybe was wrong for her. Some friends complained me because I didn’t follow ‘ladies first’ rule. I just jokingly said “For this moment, I am the lady.” they all laughed because I did it in lady-liked gesture.

For me, the result was not bad. Much better than what I did last year, and the teacher was more patient than the previous one.

Yeah, this is mine and I wrote it in Javanese script, while the Chinese one….surely not by me, but by the laoshi! Noted! LOL

What I have learnt here is : patience, intuition and feeling…just feel the brush like water flows and all will be fine. That’s the philosophy I get from Chinese painting style…


98% is my own…the first petal is made by her as well as the Chinese characters of my name

The left is written in Javanese script, also bears my name


Smile..after painting

I think I need to study it more…it’s amazing!

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Humanity/ Sisi Manusiawi

Human needs to be survived. Everyday, human has to do many things in order to keep alive. Any activities for fulfilling their needs are done, including selling branch woods, or selling any things. For me that’s so human and everybody needs to do that.

For this week’s challenge, I show this humanity side. Getting branch woods for food (I took it from far away because I know it’s not ethical for me, the granny was so strong and though to survive).

So do I and you

DSC02559The granny on the mountain, Dieng, 2013


Emping seller, Old Banten, 2013

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Contrast/Kontras (Fruit Rujak)

This is my contribution for this week’s challenge

Fruit rujak (hot salad), and it’s everywhere here…If you dislike hot sauce, do not try this hehehehe

I don’t have much time to talk, coz I gotta go to school.





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(Reflection) : Proud to Be 80-90s Generation

Maybe The 80-90s era was an unsafe era
When our voices were shut down
When our expressions were banned
When our political freedom was taboo

Maybe The 80-90s era was technologically boring
When we still had to call through public phone booth
When we still played game watch, Atari, Nintendo, Sega
When we still only had one TV channel with such boring programmes

Maybe The 80-90s era was sophisticatically dull
When we did not have any telephone cellulars
When we did not know what computer was
When we were even happy for having black white TV

But, we are proud to be the 80-90s generations
When we could play freely on the field
When we could play hide and seek without afraid
When we could play kites, monopoly, and various traditional games

But, we are proud to be the 80-90s generations
As we still called our friends with their father’s names
As we still shouted them for hanging out with us
As we still recognize who visited us only by their sandals

We do not have to get neck-ache because of seeing our smartphones
We do not have to get isolated from our closest friends coz of smart gadgets

Then, we love to be the 80-90s generations
Because we are the earliest users of personal computer
Because we are the earliest users of MIRC chat
Because we are the earliest users of internet

Then, we love to be the 80-90s generations
While our idols played naturally
While our favourite singers sang without any manipulation
While our rockstars were on their throne

Every generations is unique
But we love and proud to be the 80-90s generations
Along with Sting, Madonna, Bryan Adams, NKOTB etc etc
Along with God Bless, Nicky Astria, Anggun, and all Indonesian celebrities

So natural and no manipulations

We are part of your history.


Tangerang, 9 September 2014


Bambang Priantono

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(Monday Photos) : Does Spongebob Move to Jakarta?

O Dear Spongebob
What are doing in Jakarta?
Why do you move your pineapple house here?
Are you getting bored with your aquatic life?
I hope you will be settled living in the crowded Jakarta
Be careful with the polluted conditions
You must have more mask to protect yours
Just take the water from your Bikini Bottom

Be nice, because you live near President’s palace
Be nice, as you live near political center

Anyway, where’s Squidward? Where’s Patrick? Where’s Mr.Crab?
How about Garry The Snail? and Mrs. Puff?

Ahh…How’s Sandy Cheeks?

*Just kidding*

Location : National Monument, Jakarta
Date      : 7 September 2014

DSC07278 DSC07279 DSC07280

Spongebob? Where are you?


Tangerang, 8 September 2014

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Petualangan/ Adventure/ L’Aventure/ Avventura/ Uma Aventura


Everybody has got their own adventures…everyday is adventure..either good or bad.
I intentionally combined these photos into one frame as it was taken at the same time while I was with my good friend at Dieng Plateau. There are so many photos about Dieng Plateau here till I forget which part I’d already posted here. Heheheh..

DSC02479 DSC02480

I am into these photos as I took it via candid…he didn’t know initially but when I showed it, he was impressed. Sorry buddy..LOL.

Well, this is another view of Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Central Java….though it’s been more than one year. It is also intended for celebrating my birthday today…..yeah….2 years more I’m about to get my second puberty. Hahahahaha…kidding.

Special for this challenge!

Bon voyage/Goede reis/Buon viaggio/Boa viagem

Salam manis


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A Photo a Week Challenge : Public Transportation/ Angkutan Umum

Hi all,

I just want to share another side of public transportation here. Its inside…these are photos I took while going around Jakarta…train and bus.

Special for this challenge….again?


Inside TransJakarta Bus



Inside KRL in the afternoon (this is what I hate, though it’s been much better than two years ago)


Salam manis,


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