Weekly Photo Challenge : Nighttime / Kala Malam – Night Smile/ Senyuman Malam

It’s night, but happiness and fun should be done.
Night carnival is Semarangese annual event since 2011 and it’s held for celebrating Semarang’s birthday.
Night but brightly dressed as it should be contrast…whatever the colour, it’s fun.

Have a night smile..but not spooky one, okay

For this week’s challenge


Special greetings from Semarang

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Splash of Color / Semburan Warna

I don’t have much time to collect splash of color photos as one of my flashdisks has been broken and all old photos gone! What a sad! But it’s okay, I will do it again more and more though I am not professional photographer.

These are my splash of color, taken in Old Jakarta

Have a nice enjoying!

DSC03283 DSC03272Splash of color between dull colors

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurant for Thousand Years


Unleakable for the time
Unbelievable in existance
Thousand years still here
Though they were buried for a while
They have been uncovered
Restored all its components
For telling stories
About sweetness and bitterness of life
For us
From our ancestors

I love visiting old sites during my live. When I was still in Semarang, Central Java, I spent my free time to travel various old temples
in and around Central Java. For this challenge, I’d like to present some parts of my visitations. The first photos were taken in Dieng Plateau
Where you can see various temples, but I only emphasized on one temple which has been standing apart from others for more than 12 centuries.
It is also the only Indonesian ancient temple whose structure much alike Southern Indian temple structure. I don’t know why it is called Bima
It was approximately built between the 7-9th centuries during Sanjaya dynasty and I am still excited to its composition up to now.


Bima Temple

The second is Plaosan temples complex. It is located 2 km from  Prambanan complex and part of Klaten regency, Central Java. The complex is divided into
two :Plaosan Lor (Northern Plaosan) and Plaosan Kidul (Southern Plaosan). Those Buddhist structures were built during Old Hindu Mataram reign and still
well reserved though less than Prambanan complex.

But whatever, ancient sites are our past. We shouldn’t have forgotten it as it can tell you stories about governance, social life, religions
to-even- sexual atmospheres which is considered taboo.

Our values and ancestors maybe different in one side, but same in another side.

Special for this challenge


Plaosan Temple

Tangerang, 20 September 2014

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge : Candid Photography – Wayang Maker

Hi Cee!

I am late again for this week. This is my posting for your next challenge and I hope you won’t get bored with my photos.

This was taken in Jogjakarta when I got study tour there along with my students more than 2 years ago. Wow! It’s been a long time you know. But I am always interested in anything about culture, and this is why I shared the two photos here. Candid and he didn’t even know as he was very busy with ‘sculpturing’ a cow’s leather into a wayang character. It takes time to make only one character as it requires patience and sense of art as well as following the rules.

Okay? Enjoy it…special from Indonesia!


Wayang maker 1


The wayang to be

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(Post a Day) : That’s my Chinese Painting

I love drawing and do it often in any media but the most is on the scrap papers. What I draw depends on my mood and conditions, as my late uncle ever told me that if you draw a creature, it means you make God angry as you use your imagination. I just draw what I love and yeach, only God can judge me, not human. Okay, just take and put away, but I only wanna tell about my today’s painting. At school there was an open day which intended to kindergarten’s parents who wanted to enroll their children to elementary schools. I kept my division’s corner particularly in ICT booth. At Mandarin’s corner, there were various activities such as handicrafts and chinese painting. I was interested to come and when I saw several friends had been in queue, I told to painter “If you’ve done, please call me.” She smiled and I returned to my own booth.

Maybe an hour later, she called me by waving her hand to me. Thus, She told and practiced how to brush correctly in accordance to Chinese style. She differentiated between brush for black, yellow and red. She chose a brush for red and mixed it with light red, the gradation was great and I was amazed on it. Then, she told me to try. Sometimes good, sometimes bad…the result was the small flowers and the way maybe was wrong for her. Some friends complained me because I didn’t follow ‘ladies first’ rule. I just jokingly said “For this moment, I am the lady.” they all laughed because I did it in lady-liked gesture.

For me, the result was not bad. Much better than what I did last year, and the teacher was more patient than the previous one.

Yeah, this is mine and I wrote it in Javanese script, while the Chinese one….surely not by me, but by the laoshi! Noted! LOL

What I have learnt here is : patience, intuition and feeling…just feel the brush like water flows and all will be fine. That’s the philosophy I get from Chinese painting style…


98% is my own…the first petal is made by her as well as the Chinese characters of my name

The left is written in Javanese script, also bears my name


Smile..after painting

I think I need to study it more…it’s amazing!

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Humanity/ Sisi Manusiawi

Human needs to be survived. Everyday, human has to do many things in order to keep alive. Any activities for fulfilling their needs are done, including selling branch woods, or selling any things. For me that’s so human and everybody needs to do that.

For this week’s challenge, I show this humanity side. Getting branch woods for food (I took it from far away because I know it’s not ethical for me, the granny was so strong and though to survive).

So do I and you

DSC02559The granny on the mountain, Dieng, 2013


Emping seller, Old Banten, 2013

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Contrast/Kontras (Fruit Rujak)

This is my contribution for this week’s challenge

Fruit rujak (hot salad), and it’s everywhere here…If you dislike hot sauce, do not try this hehehehe

I don’t have much time to talk, coz I gotta go to school.





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