Weekly Photo Challenge : Pigeon On Top/ Merpati Di Puncak

Top of the top

Where’s your position?
Special for this week’s challenge


ImagePigeon on the top


I am on the top

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(Friday Reflection) : QUADRILINGUAL

What is quadrilingual?

According to Meriam-Webster Dictionary , it is an adjective to describe using or made up of four languages, or speaking/having knowledge of four languages.

When I visited someone’s site (Valeriu Barbu of Romania), I was inspired because he always writes his poems trilingual (English, Romanian and Italian) and I tried to do some practices, especially French. I have learnt French, but it’s been a long time ago and I’ve forgot many words. I, therefore, try again to write in French though in short poem at first. Step by step and I have to lease my shyness for opening French dictionary, and by google transtool as well. But remember! I only look for the word, not all things. Talking about the grammar, I think my memory is still good. This is why I obviously attempt again, even in four languages. While, for Basa Jawa (Javanese language) I also use it in my quadrilingual poem because it is my first mother tongue and the variant I use in those poems is middle-low variant. Javanese is a hierarchical language where the vocabulary for the same meaning can be very different depends on language level. It is spoken in Indonesia (around 45% Indonesians, 15% Surinamese and some others in Malaysia, Singapore, New Caledonia etc).

Language is my passion even though I am a lazy learner. But thanks for inspiration you give to me and I’ll try to do it more and more. Actually I know others, but I am still building my self-confidence to write it. Next target maybe Dutch, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (I have already compared to European Portuguese too. I think for pronunciation, both of them have their own uniqueness. However, I tend to choose brazilian variant for the future project). If there are mistakes, feel free to correct me, because I am still learning particularly translating directly my short poems from Bahasa Indonesia into other three languages. I just express it directly, even without any concepts (I am spontaneous person anyway!).

One principal I always apply is just write and share, whatever the results. Being liked or not is just variation. Your word will be eternal and printed on the blog. I am blogger and have passed many phases during the last ten years my existence in this virtual world. I don’t really care about what people think about me and my postings. I just do the challenges and being non conventional blogger (it doesn’t mean I love sensation), I believe in gradual process and one day I will get the fruit. I have been in WordPress for almost two years and my way is still long. I love blogging here and meet great people, as far as I can, I’ll visit one by one if time is enough.

I am still amateur and needs more improvement.

Talking about quadrilingual poems, I hope you will enjoy it. It is still four postings and more will be coming soon.

1. Pelangi/Rainbow/Arc-en-Ciel/Kluwung
2. Penari/Danser/Danseur/Ledhek
3. Selfie/Gaya Sendiri
4. Kalah/Lost

Terima kasih atas kunjungannya
Thank you for your visits
Merci a votre visitation
Matur nuwun kangge sowane


Tangerang, 18 April 2014


Bambang Priantono

Thanks also to AB

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(Quadrilingual Friday Reflection) : PELANGI / RAINBOW/ ARC-EN-CIEL/ KLUWUNG


PELANGI (Bahasa Indonesia)
Indahnya warnamu
Menjadi penyejuk mata
Pancaranmu bagai jembatan ke surga
Terbayang legenda
Tentang guci emas di ujungmu
Juga jalan bidadari menuju kahyangan
Namun yang kubayangkan
Adalah jembatan cinta
Yang penuh warna
Untuk menuju-Mu

RAINBOW (English)
Your complex colours
Has been dew of my eyes
Your brightness is as if a gate to heaven
Then, I recall a legend
About a golden jar in your ends
And angel’s way to Nirvana
But what I am imagining about
Is gate of love
A colourful one
To Thee.

ARC-EN-CIEL (Francais)
Quel beau ton couleurs
Comme la rosée des yeux
Ton éclat es comme une porte du ciel
Alors, Je rappele une legende
Legende sur pot d’or sur tes fins
Ou…une porte des angers pour aller au ciel
Mais….je pense que..C’est la porte d’amour
Une porte coloré
A Toi

KLUWUNG (Basa Jawa)
Kelirmu pancen sae
Upami embun kanggo klangenaning mata
Cayamu kaya kreteg ni swarga
Dadi kelingan siji carita
Bab klenthing mas ning pucukmu
Uga dalaning widadari pituju kayangan
Nanging sing aku bayangna
Kreteg katresnan
Sing kelar-kelir
Pituju ning slira-MU….Gusti

Tangerang, 18 April 2014

Bambang Priantono

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Shiny / Berkilau

Bak matahari pagi
Seluruh benda menjadi indahKarena kilaunya

As a morning sun
All things become beautiful
As its shine

For this challenge


Shine at night (Semarang Old City)


Shiny glasses


Shiny morning and reflection (Wonosobo, Central Java)

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(Tuesday Quadrilingual Reflection) : KALAH – LOST

KALAH (Bahasa Indonesia)
Kalah dalam suara
Jangan dibawa kecewa
Hingga mata hati buta
Bak gajah gelap mata
Pelanduk yang kena

Tak soal siapa yang menang
Janganlah berjiwa pecundang
Banyak jalan tuk berjuang
Tanpa harus curang
Untuk raih gemilang

LOST (English)
Lost, not voted
Never be disappointed
Till you become blinded
As if the cat manipulated
The mouse desperated

No matter who is the winner
Never be a loser
Many ways to be struggler
Without being cheater
But to be achiever

PERDU (Francais)
Si tu es perdue
N’es pas désappointé
jusqu’à tu as aveuglé
Comme les géants combatent
Les autres a ete ces victimes

Pas de probleme qui est les gagnants
Pas d’etre les perdants
Il y a beaucoup moyens pour d’etre les combatants
Sans d’etre les tricheurs
Etre les réalisateurs

KALAH (Basa Jawa)
Nalika kalah ing swara
Aja nganthi digawa gela
Nganthi mata batine wutha
Kayatha gajah kang wutha
Kancil sing kena

Ora perkara sapa sing menang
Aja dadi wong bodho
Akeh dhalan dadi pejuang
Tanpa kudu dadi wong mbeling
Kanggo dadi gilang gumilang

This poem reflects Indonesian elections and as I saw and read about many frustrated lost candidates who had made people suffered for their actions. It’s not good example for our democracy, because being a democratic should be able to accept whatever the results. Return to grass roots and build from the beginning. This is the real Indonesians….Merdeka

Tangerang, 15 April 2014

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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : ROUND- BULAT/BUNDAR

Round as a ball
Round as a wheel
It’s round around
For something round
For this challenging round


ImageRound between

(Which one is your favourite herbs?)

Salam manis

Tangerang, 15 April 2014



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(Quadrilingual Reflection) : Dancer/ Penari/ Danseur/ Ledhek


(Bahasa Indonesia)

Mengayun ke kiri dan kanan
Mengikuti irama kehidupan
Ungkapkan kiasan
Terkadang sindiran
Kepada kepalsuan
Dalam selubung keindahan
Penuh misteri

Swinging gently from left to right
Following the rhythm of life
Expressing the metaphor
Satirizing in some times
To the mask
Within beauty concealment
And mystery

Fait de la balançoire
Suit la rythme de la vie
Exprime les métaphores
Le bonheur
La tristesse
La colère
Satire, quelquefois
Dans le masque
Dans la dissimilation d’la beautee
Et la mystere

(Basa Jawa- Low variation)
Obah ngiwo-nengen
Melu laguning urip
Nduduhna candraning carita
Kadhang kala pasemon
Sajroning topeng
Sajroning krudung kaendahan
Lan wadi


Tangerang, 14 April 2014
Bambang Priantono


Photo credit : private collection

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