Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Bare Feet and or Shoes/ Telanjang Kaki atau Bersepatu


Hi there! for this week’s challenge I just have some covered and bare feet photos. Yeah, I have looked for them for a while and then voila! these are them! Cee, you always challenges my intuitions every week, then.

At home, I prefer bare feet as in our traditional value, shoes are not allowed to enter home.

DSC03730 1794738_10152555667284335_7108369362363393710_nSo, which one do you prefer? Bare feet or in shoes?

Salam Manis

Tangerang, 29 October 2014

Bambang Priantono

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(Multilingual Reflection) : Cintailah Bahasamu/Love your language/Aimez votre langue/Ama la lingua

Cintailah Bahasamu

Bahasamu adalah dirimu
Bahasamu adalah wajahmu
Bahasamu adalah matamu
Bahasamu adalah nafasmu
Bahasamu adalah aromamu
Bahasamu adalah kecantikanmu
Bahasamu adalah pesonamu
Bergengsi ataupun tidak
Cintailah dan berbanggalah
Karena engkau berbeda dari bahasa
Jatidirimu akan nampak diantara lainnya
Bahasa…adalah ruhmu

Love your language

Your language is yourself
Your language is your face
Your language is your eyes
Your language is your breath
Your language is your aroma
Your language is your beauty
Your language is your charm
Whether prestigious
Love and be proud of it
Because it makes you different
You’ll be seen among others
As language..is your soul

Aime ta langue

Ta langue est toi-même
Ta langue est ton visage
Ta langue est tes yeux
Ta langue est ta souffle
Ta langue est ton parfum
Ta langue est ta beauté
Ta langue est ton charme
Si que prestigieux ou non
Aime-en, fier de lui
Parce qu’il il te rend différent
Entre les autres
La langue…est ton esprit

Ama La Lingua
La lingua è te stesso
La lingua è tua faccia
La lingua è gli occhi
La lingua è il tuo respiro
La lingua è il tuo profumo
La lingua è la tua bellezza
La lingua è il vostro fascino
se prestigioso
Amare ed essere fiero di esserlo
Perché vi farà diverso
Tra gli altri
Come la lingua è la tua anima

Tangerang, 27 Oktober/October/Octobre/Ottobre 2014

Bambang Priantono

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(Multilingual Reflection) : Harapan Baru/ New Hope/ Nouvel Espoir/ Nuova Speranza

Sang surya kembali ke peraduan
Sang rembulan terbangun ke langit bersama bebintang
Aku tersadar dari impi lamaku
Saatnya meninggalkannya
Ada jalan membentang
Di dalam gelap
Aku tak takut lagi
Ada rembulan dan gemintang kan temaniku
Dengan cinta
Dengan jiwa baru
Harapan terpendar
Di ujung sana
Seiring cahya rembulan
Aku kan menujunya
Walau gelap dan berliku

Menuju impianku


The sun has set into its sleeping dwell
The moon is about to the sky with the stars
I woke up from my old dreams
It’s time to let it behind
There’s a long way in front of me
In the dark
I am no longer afraid of it
The moonlight and stars are my friends
With love
With a new hope
Which sparkles
Over there
Along with the silver moonlight
I’ll be there
Whether easy or rocky

To my dreamt dream

Nouvel Espoir
Le soleil est couché
La lune a augmenté avec les étoiles
Je me suis réveillé de mon vieux rêve
Il est temps de laisser derrière
Il ya un long chemin devant
Dans le noir
Mais, Je ne suis plus peur
J’ai Le clair de lune et les étoiles comme mes amis
Avec l’amour
un nouvel espoir
qui brille
Avec ce clair de lune d’argent
Je serai là
Bien que la voie est imprévisible
Pour mon rêve

La Nuova Speranza

Il sole è tramontato alla sua camera da letto
La luna è volato al cielo con le stelle
Sono svegliato dai miei vecchi sogni
E ‘tempo di lasciarlo dietro
C’è una lunga strada davanti
Nel buio della notte
Ma, Non sono più paura
Ho la luce della luna e le stelle come i miei amici
con l’amore
Con una nuova speranza
che scintilla
con la luce della luna d’argento
Io ci sarò
Anche se il modo è difficile

Nel mio sogno

Terima kasih/Thank you/ Merci/ Grazie

Tangerang, 25 Oktober/October/Octobre/Ottobre 2014
1 Sura/Muharram 1948 He/1436 Hijra

Bambang Priantono

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Happy Javanese New Year & Islamic New Year


New year is always celebrated
By wishing all the best
Better achievement in the following year
By torch marches
Recite holy verses
In the mosques
Or washing keris rites
Among traditional Javanese people

I celebrate two new years at the same time
Javanese and Islamic New Year
I type Javanese first as it is older than Islamic one
Now its 1948 in Javanese calendar
While 1436 in Islamic
Javanese calendar is based on Ajisaka’s arrive to Java in around 78 AD
While Islamic is based on Rasulullah SAW PBUH hijra to Madinah

Why both are celebrated at the same time?
It is because of Mataram’s Sultan Agung role
Some consider it mystical
But for me it is a new hope
New year is always a new hope
May Gusti Allah bless us
From this year and on

Sugeng Warsa Enggal 1948 He
Happy Islamic New Year 1436 Hijriyah

For all Javanese and Muslims in the world


Tangerang, 1 Sura 1948 He/ 1 Muharram 1436 H/ 25 October 2014 AD


Bambang Priantono


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art/ Seni





These photos were taken in 2012-2013, in a bus stop in Central Semarang. It was intentionally decorated into patterns in order to make it more attractive and beautiful.

I took it when I was waiting for the bus to my workplace. Enjoy it and this is for this week’s challenge.

Location : Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


Tangerang, 25 October 2014

1 Sura 1948 He
1 Muharram 1436 Hijra



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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Fly / Terbang

After window shopping at the first IKEA in Indonesia, (IKEA has just opened its Indonesian branch in Alam Sutra, Southern Tangerang) I walked to return home and when I saw many kites flying, I remembered on this challenge. My camera couldn’t zoom till the maximum so I took as far as I could. Flying kites in the sunset. I love it so much..

For this challenge

DSC07506 DSC07504 DSC07503 DSC07496 DSC07508Location : Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Refraction / Pembiasan

When I see the refracted lights
I see another world over thereThe magically refracted illusion
Over my eyes
Over my mind
Flow over my heart
Colourful and mysterious
I am finding out my refracted one
Though I know it’s inside me

Tangerang, 18 October 2014

For this week’s challenge

DSC01612The refracted reflection/ Bayangan yang terbiaskan 1


The refracted reflection/ bayangan yang terbiaskan 2


Refracted light/ Cahaya yang terbias


Refracted lemongrass reflection/ Bayangan serai yang terbias

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