(Opinion) : Happy Eid Mubarak For You All….

First thing, I’d like to say to all Muslims in the world (and myself) Happy Eid Mubarak….May Allah bless us after one month fasting and it is considered as our celebration upon ourselves. For celebrating Eid, many ways have been done, in accordance to diverse traditions and customs. In Indonesia itself, one of the most…

(Reflection) : Welcome Ramazan….

Purification Reflection Contemplation Recovery Rediscovery Welcome Ramazan Welcome again… Let me open my door to you It’s your time… Burning all people’s sins Burning all people’s mistakes Purifying our poor souls Intensifying our ibadat Without uneducated TV programs Without unqualified comedies Without unwisdom shows Without unlawful violence shows Welcome Ramazan Nice to meet you again…….