(Tuesday’s Photo) : KEMBALI / COMING BACK

When The Eid celebration was over Everyone who return home for celebrating it has to come back Come back to their place where they work, live and face daily problems Far away again from the beloved ones While bringing new things, new goods, even newcomers Which brings urbanization Many of them only have brave Sometimes…

(Photos of The Day) : UPCOMING EID AROMA

It’s already the 13th day of Ramazan, I don’t know how much I’d done so far. But I believe Allah knows best all about mine. Nusantara’s tradition for celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr (Idul Fitri or colloquially Lebaran) is about to be…ketupat. The traditional typical Eid dish that must be available in every Nusantara’s houses (Nusantara consists of…

A Photo a Week Challenge : Surprise / Kejutan

Kejutan! Kalian suka kejutan? Setelah mencari-cari di koleksi, ada satu foto yang menurut saya menjadi bagian dari kejutan khusus untuk tantangan kali ini. Foto ini saya ambil tahun 2012 ketika sedang berjalan-jalan di Kelenteng Gang Lombok, Semarang. Anak-anak bermain di pelataran kelenteng dan ada beberapa lilin besar yang dipasang di depannya. Yang membuat saya terkejut…

Weekly Photo Challenge : On The Move/ Bergerak

Move on Shake it on Just jump on On your bikes Location : Hutan Kota BSD, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia Time  : Just now Special for this weekly challenge   Move…ride Come on, and turn around Jump!    

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Preoccupied / Asyik

Preoccupied?? Sttt…just enjoy it in this case.. Cee, these are special for your challenge Preoccupied : seeing the past things Preoccupied : ssssttt… Busy to select rose petals Preoccupied : preparing canang or offering Preoccupied : preparing offerings Hello dear! Salam Bambang Priantono Tangerang, Banten

Travel Theme : FLOW / MENGAMBANG

Flow is mengambang in my language Flowing while rowing On the water… Just follow the flow Wherever it goes Just….still control its flow For this travel theme Flowing under the bridge, Rawapening, Central Java Just follow the flow

A Word A Week Challenge – OLD / TUA

Being old is natural From young to be old is human As God has noted since the beginning Being old is actually being golden Remain to work and create many things As old is only physical While our spirit remains young forever Badan boleh tua (physic can be older) Semangat harus tetap muda (the spirit…