Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : SIGN/PENANDA

It’s been a while I haven’t followed Cee’s challenges. I missed a lot as there are many followers and posted very numerous useful articles till I lost hers. Well, let me try to follow her challenge again. These are sign photos for this challenge. Beware of the old branches I found this in Kebun Raya…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange ( Jingga or Jeruk?)

In Bahasa Indonesia, word ‘Orange‘ has got two terms : 1. A colour, combination between red and yellow and it’s called Jingga or kuning tua. 2. A full of vitamin C fruit, and it’s famous as jeruk (but in Malaysian, jeruk means pickles or acar, while for orange fruit it’s called oren). We call grapefruit…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Orange / Jingga

Orange is sunset Between yellow and read Hot and agressive But never be offensive After for a while hiatus, I come again for following this challenge. Hi there! I am back! For this orange moment   Orangey night Orangey sunset

Travel Theme : Close-up/Jarak Dekat

Hi, this is my week’s travel theme.I took these pictures when I was in Bantul, Yogyakarta. I portrayed gender (don’t read jender, but ghenderr). It’s part of Javanese gamelan which is played by both hands and it creates a smooth sound and harmony with other ensembles. Have a nice week-end! Gender 1 (not jender!)  …

Weekly Photo Challenge : Window – Jendela

In Bahasa Indonesia, window is called ‘jendela’. It’s become part of our language though actually it derives from Portuguese word ‘Janela’. Many Portuguese words absorbed into our language such as ‘serdadu from soldado, pintu from pinto, tentu from tanto, antero from entero, etc. Window is our middleway between ourselves and outside. Through window, we can…


Angle is something important, particularly when you take a picture. Everyone can interpret a picture through which angle and which point of view. For this challenge, let me share some of photos I consider as ANGLE or in Bahasa = SUDUT Thank’s Sue ANGLE Sundak Beach, Jogjakarta Lawang Sewu, Semarang Dwarawati Temple, Dieng Plateau DOVE/…

(Pictures of The Day) : SEMARANG FROM ABOVE…..

Semarang from above…Blessed by its double contours… Plain and hilly features… So many beautiful sceneries…. I took these from a good point in Tanah Putih, still in Semarang… Enjoy it. Semarang, 23 May 2013

Travel Theme : The Four Elements / Empat Unsur Alam

World consists of four elements Udara (Air) Bumi (Earth) Air (Water) Api (Fire) All of those balance each other and make our world colorful. Human characters are also identical to those elements… AIR – WATER API – FIRE BUMI – EARTH UDARA – AIR For this week’s theme

Travel Theme :Pale/Pucat

What is pale? White but gloomy white Lighter but not so bright I just share these photos for the following theme. I love it.

(Friday Night Photos) : GOLDEN SUNRISE

What will you say if you have got a chance to see a golden sunrise? I will say ‘Wonderful’ and praise God for the beauty. I took those pictures when I was in Dieng plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java. Besides its calderas, it is famous of its tea and other agricultural things, ancient temples and of…