Weekly Photo Challenge : Nighttime / Kala Malam – Night Smile/ Senyuman Malam

It’s night, but happiness and fun should be done. Night carnival is Semarangese annual event since 2011 and it’s held for celebrating Semarang’s birthday. Night but brightly dressed as it should be contrast…whatever the colour, it’s fun. Have a night smile..but not spooky one, okay For this week’s challenge Special greetings from Semarang

(Semarang Night Carnival 2013) : CANDID

I love candid though it needs patience to get best moment But at least I have tried and keep trying As candid is more natural It is the real you… Taken from Semarang Night Carnival 2013, but I took them before sunset.

(Saturday’s Post) : Semarang Night Carnival

Semarang Night Carnival is part of celebrating Semarang’s birthday and since 2011, it has become annual agenda which is followed by various communities and schools in all parts of Semarang. Actually Semarang Night Carnival is inspired by Solo Batik Carnival, and even Solo Batik Carnival itself has been inspired by Jember Street Fashion. From Jember…