(Reflection in Photograph) : DUGDERAN SEMARANG

Dugderan is an annual tradition celebrated by Semarangese, Central Java and the tradition has been existed for more than 150 years. Dugderan derives from two onomatopea ..”dug (doog) means hit things such as beduk (used at mosques) and “der” (bang) from firework. It was held initially for gathering Muslims around Semarang around mosque and the…


Something metallic? Do you have it?I have nothing metallic here, just those photosI think it is made of bronze…a metal, right? Enjoy it! Javanese music ensembles from me for this challenge   Kenong   Slenthem

Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum Part/Jilid Two/Dua

May I add some more? I think yes! There are still few people who submit for this wonderful theme. These were taken at Balinese costume contest and Semarang Night Carnival. Enjoy it! I love candid… Colorful then! That Carnival! What do you think?

Travel Theme – Costume/Kostum

This week’s theme is so awesome. I can share anything in accordance to the theme and hopefully everyone will love it. This is the first photographs for you all. Next will be later. Javanese traditional costume Ramayana dance costumes Semarang wedding costume (only mannequin) From Kudus All are from my travel time, though not far…

(Language Post) : Peranakan Language

Peranakan means descendant, stemmed of ‘anak’ which means ‘children or offsprings’. Peranakan is directed to descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to South East Asia especially Malay Peninsula and Indonesian archipelago between 15th-19th centuries. Though Peranakan also can be attributed to Indian, European and Arab descendants. Their influences are vibrant and can be traced in…

(Post of Tonight) : Betawian Dancers – Penari Betawi

Betawi is derived from Batavia. This name also represents Jakartan’s indigenous society which is admixture from Nusantara’s people. Javanese, Sundanese, Malays, Balinese, Manggarais, Buginese, Portuguese, Arabs, Dutch, Chinese and Mardijkers are integral part of Betawian society. In this dance as I watched it more than a year ago, there is a highly Chinese influence particularly…


Music is universal Everything can be expressed by music Personally I love traditional ethnic musics, anything. Indonesia has got various music ensemble which in many respects cannot be found in other countries. But unfortunately, many youngsters have ignored it as they prefer to the modern ones. Here I’d like to share the following, from my…


I took this parade more than 1 year ago. But it is still amazing. The parade is usually held before Ramadhan and very typical in Semarang..namely DUGDERAN. Enjoy it.

(Photos of The Day) : THE OFFERING

Flower, besides for aesthetic, it is also used for religious offering. Several cultures including Balinese use flowers as part of their spiritual life. What I can see here, the most used flower in Balinese rites is frangipani. Colorful….and this is the real colorful Indonesia. Semarang, 15 March 2013