Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand

Grand ….is it something wow? Grand is different from each point of view (one time) Grand is also a wow-shared thing There are two types of what I consider wow for this moment. Borobudur temple and Dieng plateau. During living in Central Java for more than four years, I used to travel around and visited…

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge : Shadow – Bayangan

Shadow is always part of world Represents darkness, but reflection This is us…the darky us Shadowy shadow….where should you go without itNo shadow… Are you Dracula? For this challenge Shadow My own… See this peak shadow on the lake…

Travel Theme : Peaceful – Damai

Peaceful The adjective which is getting expensive Within this contradicted world With all its natural and artificial problems Everybody wants a peace But they cannot be alone As we are social creature With all differences However, within all, we can create our small piece of peace For ourselves and gradually spread it to the world….


This is mountain A range of rocks created by volcanic and tectonic activities Ranges a beautiful curves Sometimes it’s dangerous Sometimes it’s so peacefu Danger behind the beauty Beauty behind the danger For this challenge Location : Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo-Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia

Weekly Photo Challenge : From Above/ Dari Atas

You can take pictures from above…not just about nature, but also people. Incidentally what I took this afternoon is suitable for your theme  when I saw Semarang Night Carnival just now. These are some pictures I have taken from above. Not really above, but for me it is above. Enjoy it with Indonesian beauty. For…