A Photo a Week Challenge : Saturation / Saturasi/Kadar Jenuh

The exact translation for saturation in my language is little bit ambiguous. Saturation is translated into ‘kejenuhan’ and the meaning can be ‘boredom’ as well. When I saw this challenge, I tried to modify my photos when I visited my hometown last December. It located in Malang round square (Alun-Alun Bunder), near city hall and…

Weekly Photo Challenge : Serenity/ Kedamaian

Happy Saturday all! These are my interpretation about serenity.. Keep your serene.. Keep the peace… Whatever the angle.. Stay serene Stay peace Stay love For this challenge Serene in the nature Serene in the old temple Serene, Salaam Serene, divine

Weekly Photo Challenge : Nighttime / Kala Malam – Night Smile/ Senyuman Malam

It’s night, but happiness and fun should be done. Night carnival is Semarangese annual event since 2011 and it’s held for celebrating Semarang’s birthday. Night but brightly dressed as it should be contrast…whatever the colour, it’s fun. Have a night smile..but not spooky one, okay For this week’s challenge Special greetings from Semarang

Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art / Karya Seni Part 2 – Wayang Making

For this week’s challenge, and I think this is also part of Work of Art, I’d like to share about one of Indonesia’s work art. Wayang. The first picture is called ‘Gunungan’. It looks like a mountain which represents human’s life and always appears in every wayang (puppet show) performance. Particularly in the opening. While…

Sunday Stills Photography : The Next Challenge : Headshot/ Kepala

This is another challenge I found in WordPress…showing up the extraordinary theme. Headshot! I remembered when my friend took my head in Borobudur Temple, Central Java several years ago. It looked contrast, but once more…no offense! Special for the challenge.. Thanks Ed


Pink is girlish? Maybe yes…maybe noBut many boys or men also wear or have something in pink. But naturally pink is everywhere, you cannot deny it. Special for this challenge Which one do you think is pink? Do you wanna some? Peace…. Which one is the pinkiest? Pink dancers? Pink flower Ultimate pink… Salam manis…