A Photo a Week Challenge : Humour/ Humor

Humour can relax everything Humour can reveal your real crazinessHumour can conceal your sadness Humour can be done everytime Humour can tickle your funny side Well, this is one of my humorous presentation…at least for me. Hehehehehe Here’s mine Nancy. For your challenge! One…two….three!

A Photo a Week Challenge : Splash of Color / Semburan Warna

I don’t have much time to collect splash of color photos as one of my flashdisks has been broken and all old photos gone! What a sad! But it’s okay, I will do it again more and more though I am not professional photographer. These are my splash of color, taken in Old Jakarta Have…

A Photo a Week Challenge : Shy / Malu / Isin

Don’t look at my face I am too shy to be seen Don’t look at my eyes I am too fragile to be seen Don’t look at me As I am too resistant to be seen Please, don’t do it anymore…… I am too shy For this challenge Don’t look  

A Photo A Week Challenge : FLIGHT / PENERBANGAN

Hi, this is my interpretation of flight It is not really flight because I forget where I put my flight photos. That’s why I put this photo as I consider it as fly, though it is not. Looks like flying, right?   Salam   Bambang Priantono

A Photo a Week Challenge : Backlit/Cahaya Belakang – Beauty

This is a new challenging invitation for me. Incidentally I found this and I had to search my photo archives. Finally I chose these two photos which I considered as part of backlightning. Natural I think…. Enjoy it, with a carnival girl was being shot while I stood behind the photographers. Location : Semarang, Central…