Indonesian Women Hairstyles (Timeline 1900s-1940s)

Before writing this post, I have to seek many sources for historical women hairstyles in Indonesia, reading a lot but unfortunately I forgot the sources (how foolish I am). I also searched the representative photos as people say ‘picture tells all’. Yes, indeed, of course, certainly, but one picture needs to be explained at first….

(Indonesian Style Timeline-Part 2) : My Illustrated Women Hair Styles

After the first illustration, I continue to the second part. From 1970s to 2010s or present. In 2010s, I think it’s anything goes era where you can dress up whatever you wish as far as you’re comfortable and high esteem. Well, this is the second part of my illustration.

(Blast from The Past) : Indonesian Advertisements from 1950s-1960s

I’ve found again some old advertisements when I visited my acquaintance’s antique shop. Those were from between 1950s-1960s, when Indonesia still used Suwandi’s spelling (modified from ophuysen one which had been misused since 1947). The Suwandi’s spelling changed oe into u, while tj (c), dj(j), nj (ny) remained unchanged until 1972. Some of those can…