2021 Work : Acehnese men costumes

These are Aceh province’s men traditional costumes I drew yesterday. They represent main ethnic groups live in the westernmost province of Indonesia. Have a nice weekend and enjoy it ! 🙂

2021 Work : Central Sulawesi Styles

Hello there, I am here again. This is my next work, Central Sulawesi attires from various ethnic groups there From left to right To Toli (Toli-Toli), Buol, Kaili, Pamona, Mori, Balantak, Banggai Islanders and Bungku ethnic group. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

2021 Work : Tari Merak (Peacock Dance)

Tari Merak or Peacok Dance is relatively new created dance. Its heyday was in 1950s created by a Sundanese coreographer, Raden Tjetje Somantri. There are three or more dancers which depict peacock’s live (including mating season) This dance becomes West Java’s and also Indonesia’s pride as its elegance.

2021 Work : South Sulawesi Style

From Left to right : Rampi ethnic group (North Luwu)Rongkong ethnic group (North Luwu)Konjo Amatoa Buginese (Makassarese also wear this attire, called Baju Bodo)Toraja ethnic groupLeko ethnic group (North Luwu) Enjoy the picture then 🙂

2021 Work : West Sumatera Edition

In Pandemic situation, we should be more tough and creative. I am doing what I love so much, drawing and I change my drawing apps into MS Paint. In this post, I share about various traditional costumes in West Sumatera, Indonesia. Every Nagari (villages) has its own uniqueness and diverse in ocassions. Enjoy!

2021 Work : Kudus Traditional Attire

Kudus is a regency in Central Java and the smallest one in total area. It’s famous of its cigarettes, jenang as well as water buffalo soup. Kudus has been known as part of Walisongo pilgrimage, as it’s one of Islamic centers in Java and Sunan Kudus and Muria are located there. Traditional attire of Kudus…

2021 New Project : Central Java

Happy New Year 2021 May we can pass through the hard condition recently and may the pandemic will go over. Since months ago I started my drawing project. It related to my passion, drawing and I used Tuxpaint for the easiest things. Everything starts from zero, and I hope it will develop into 3D. Amen….

Vintage Me

Inspired by 19th century Indonesian working class man’s daily attire. Not 100% accurate, but at least I know how to mimic it.

Drawing during Pandemic Social Limitation

Indonesia never imposes total lockdown like others, but social movement limitation is preferred instead. These are my other drawings. Actually for my class, but as my class has been over so I move them here. Enjoy :)!

First Works in Covid 19

Hi everyone, I am back. It’s been a long time I’ven’t been writing anything in my lovely blog. Well for today I’d just wanna share my drawing during pandemic moment. Some I used as my teaching materials, some others for fun only. I used Paint tools in my computer for doing it. Enjoy

Hi There,Traditional Dress Sunday is Great!

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” -Marcus Garvey   Hi there, it’s been a long time since my last post. I felt stuck for writing anything but merely statuses on facebook or posting something on Instagram recently. Then, word by word I am…

Millenial Marzukiana : Nostalgia Rasa Millenial

Mendengar nama Ismail Marzuki, saya langsung teringat dengan lagu-lagu ciptaannya yang tetap abadi dan dilantunkan dalam momen-momen patriotik. Sebut saja ‘Tanah Pusaka’ yang menggetarkan kalbu, dimana saat mendengarkan atau menyanyikannya membuat bulu kuduk merinding dan airmata serasa hendak mengalir. ‘Halo-Halo Bandung’ yang sangat patriotik dan menggugah semangat cinta tanah air, serta banyak lagu-lagu yang digubah…