Indonesian Women Hairstyles (Timeline 1900s-1940s)

Before writing this post, I have to seek many sources for historical women hairstyles in Indonesia, reading a lot but unfortunately I forgot the sources (how foolish I am). I also searched the representative photos as people say ‘picture tells all’. Yes, indeed, of course, certainly, but one picture needs to be explained at first….

(Indonesian Muslim Style Timeline 2) : Hijab or Veil from 1980s-2010s

In 1980s, hijab is increasing in popularity though it wasn’t allowed to wear in public facilities as the underestimated view on the hijabers. The style at the time still slightly expose their neck, though some of them had already covered all. Burqa and Niqab were very rare. Hijab was generally still looked at down view…

(Indonesian Muslim Style Timeline 1) : Hijab or Veil from 1910s-1970s

As we know, Indonesians are Muslim majority nation and Islam has been integral part of Indonesian society, including the dress codes. Muslims, particularly women are required to cover most of their body parts. Most Islamic scholars refer to only face and hands that can be seen, while some minorities say that all parts of women’s…

(Indonesian Style Timeline-Part 2) : My Illustrated Women Hair Styles

After the first illustration, I continue to the second part. From 1970s to 2010s or present. In 2010s, I think it’s anything goes era where you can dress up whatever you wish as far as you’re comfortable and high esteem. Well, this is the second part of my illustration.


Ciaruteun is one of rivers which began in Bogor (or Buitenzorg), West Java and ended in Cisadane river that flows into Java Sea through Bogor and Tangerang. This inscription is a mark of Tarumanagara kingdom’s existence in the early Middle Ages (started approximately from the 4th-7th centuries). It covered most part of West Java, Banten…