(Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge) : White Flower – Teratai Putih/White Lotus

White represents purity White shows clarity White also expresses innocence White flower is symbol pure love Unconditional love, without objection Without temptation White lotus is cold, survival and innocent for me Special for this challenge I am back Cee I use Javanese script for my watermark…that’s fun for rediscover my heritage.

(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Tiga/Trio

Trio in Bahasa can be exactly same meaning or in different vocabulary ( I mean synonym) is bertiga or tiga. So, these are my contributions for this week’s trio…threesome? Hahahaha…hell no, then! Tangerang, 22 November 2015   Bambang Priantono

(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Rumit/Intricate

For this week’s challenge, I share Freedom monument which is still new. It is in front of Indonesian National Museum or usually people call it Museum Gajah (Elephant Museum), as there’s a bronze elephant statue which was given by King Chulalongkorn (I forget what number) during his visitation in Netherlands Indie in 1870. The new…

(Sunday’s Photographs) : Almost-Over Blood Moon

Yesterday was the best moment to see a rare blood moon which passed over Indonesia and its surroundings. However, it rained and cloud covered the spectacular view. I just saw the almost over blood moon as it could be seen clearly after 7 p.m, though in many parts it could be seen clearly. Allright, at…