2021 Work : Tari Merak (Peacock Dance)

Tari Merak or Peacok Dance is relatively new created dance. Its heyday was in 1950s created by a Sundanese coreographer, Raden Tjetje Somantri. There are three or more dancers which depict peacock’s live (including mating season) This dance becomes West Java’s and also Indonesia’s pride as its elegance.

2021 Work : South Sulawesi Style

From Left to right : Rampi ethnic group (North Luwu)Rongkong ethnic group (North Luwu)Konjo Amatoa Buginese (Makassarese also wear this attire, called Baju Bodo)Toraja ethnic groupLeko ethnic group (North Luwu) Enjoy the picture then 🙂