2021 Work : Kudus Traditional Attire

Kudus is a regency in Central Java and the smallest one in total area. It’s famous of its cigarettes, jenang as well as water buffalo soup.

Kudus has been known as part of Walisongo pilgrimage, as it’s one of Islamic centers in Java and Sunan Kudus and Muria are located there.

Traditional attire of Kudus female consists of velvet or cotton-made long sack dress and usually come in dark colors (black or dark blue). In the past, people’s social status can be seen from the dress material. Higher status usually wore the velvet one. While for the lower part, they wear batik Lasem sarong or finger cloth, adorned with a palm leaves-made traditional hat called “Caping Kalo”, and striped woven shawl. The appearance makes Kudus women look different to typical kebaya-worn Javanese women as it looks longer and unique.

Enjoy the picture

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