Hi There,Traditional Dress Sunday is Great!

tradition 4
“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”
-Marcus Garvey


Hi there, it’s been a long time since my last post.
I felt stuck for writing anything but merely statuses on facebook or posting something on Instagram recently. Then, word by word I am trying to rewrite my experiences here. You know, I am still loving this platform though I rarely scratch over here and let me start again from the beginning.

Anyway, I am talking about my new habit since 2 months ago. Every Sunday I accustom to wear one of Indonesia’s traditional attires. It can be different costumes or return to the same attires. Well then my spot is always car free day area in Jakarta (40 km from my home) and I usually go there at 5.30 am as I have to get the KRL (commuter line train) earlier and walk along Jalan Thamrin until Dukuh Atas (after Bundaran HI or Hotel Indonesia roundabout).

Why do I wear such traditional attires? My mission is for preserving our origins and cultures in the simplest way. I bought the most affordable and accessible stuffs. I hunted it either in online or offline shops which sell it. Surely I didn’t buy all at the same time. I spent my little money to buy one part and others. From the batik sarong, tanjak (Malay styled), surjan (Javanese man dress) until the accessories. All are affordable and simple because I choose the daily basis costumes, NOT the elaborated wedding ones as actually I don’t really like over decorated dress.

I just walk around and enjoy my car free day moment. From KRL until the cfd spot. Many people stare at me while walking, but I just go on and smile. I know some others also wear traditional hat, but partially, while I myself in full dressed but not elaborating. At library, at mall and wherever during Sunday (almost) I walk around in the dress. It looked like strange and awkward, however, I just believe in myself that what I do has already been right. Everybody is entitled to wear what they believe comfortable and boost up their own confidence. Enjoy yourself, dress up as you wish as far as still acceptable and go on…nobody can interfere you.

tradition 3

Maybe I am still alone right now, but one day maybe many will join the feast. I know there are various ‘cultural dress lover’ communities over here, but I am still trying to know them all gradually. The ‘back to traditional attire’ movement is on the raise, started by ‘Selasa Kebaya’ (Kebaya Tuesday) and it gets more and more supporters. Overall, those movements are intended to preserve and defend our own heritages.

Getting to know your culture and background is a fundamental thing for your identity and I believe in it much.

Hopefully it will become my tradition and I keep all my costumes for it only every Sunday as it’s my free day and fun time.


Tangerang, 13 November 2019

tradition 1


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