(New Post) : Since I left Noodles

Arabic Shirataki rice with fried chicken and egg

Hi, I am back from taking a break.

It’s been almost seven months since I left noodles. I quitted almost all kinds of high-carbohydrate foods and beverages. 7 months ago, I still had various kinds of noodles, from angel hair, vermicelli, spaghetti, egg noodles, kwetiau (chinese flat noodles), until surely any types of instant noodles particularly from the famous trade marks. As you know, Indonesia is one of the largest instant noodles consumers even after China and overcomes Japan. If you’re hungry at midnight, just take one, cook it and enjoy it. That’s it.

But since October 2016, I left even all kinds of noodles prior knowing this ones. During first months I embraced the new lifestyle, I wasn’t confused at all for choosing any types of fatty foods as it’s the main source, but the problem was when I craved about rice and noodles. It became the big problem for me, as since childhood, Asians particularly Indonesians have already been accustomed to eat rice every time, three times a day or even more in several celebrations. Rice, noodles have been an integral part of our gastronomic cultures.

For Indonesians, though you have already eaten cakes, breads, or noodles, but if you don’t eat rice….you don’t eat actually. Even, you can eat rice and noodles at the same time in one plate as you see in traditional foodstalls (warteg). Combination between rice, noodles and crackers is the best one..mmm..I mean the best trio carbs eaten together.

It was also part of my cultural mindset for the last 40 years of my life. In ketogenic combined with intermittent fasting (ketofastosis) lifestyle I follow, all high carbs are avoided and so that’s why I miss my favourite ramen and fried rice. However, after seeing many postings in social media about low carb noodles and even can ben modified into faux rice, It seemed like enlightenment for my mind. Because I love cooking as well, I can read and translate the recipes into my own version. Yes, that’s Shirataki noodles


This noodles make me fall in love again with noodles and rice. Because besides cauliflower, I can change it into rice by chopping it into rice-like structures. But for enjoy it, I have to cook it first for 15 minutes because its chewy structure if it’s cooked on its original form and fry it for a while in order to reduce its moist.

Long live noodles (Shirataki version)

Since knowing this noodles, I feel fine if I quitted from eating instant noodles, as what I need can be fulfilled in Shirataki noodles. As far as I read, Shirataki is originally eaten by Japanese girls who want to be slimmer, and because of its fiber and very low carbs (only 4 gr), it’s great for diet. Of course, I can eat it and cook it according to my taste. Because I have no food processor, I have to chop it for minutes until I get ricy structure and then cook again based on the recipes. Sometimes I modify the recipes I saw in internet or based on my imaginations. All are okay and lawful. Hehehehe.

Once more, only one package, my tummy is fuller and happy so I don’t need to eat more because it’s already done.

Satanic hot fried shirataki noodles with beef

I am still exploring more about this noodles and I love to make it various recipes in my spare time. Though the taste maybe cannot be same with the high carbs and floured noodles, but I don’t mind for enjoying it anytime I wish (in refill time during intermittent fasting).

All those photos are my own cooking. Some are modified, but another is based on my imagination. I  still have one box, and it’s enough for more than a month stock. And at least I won’t miss my previously favourite cravings.


Tangerang, 4 April 2017

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Waah mantap Pak 7 bulan puasa mi..

    1. Sudah good bye sama In**** dkk hehehe

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Good on you Nono for keeping away from noodles. I love my noodles in particular instant noodles too much to give it all up 😊

    1. Hehehe, yes..it’s the digestive temptation

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