Dear New Me…It’s Me

My new me…

Dear New Me,

This is for the many times I see myself in the mirror. Sometimes I ask myself , “Is that me?”, “How can I look like this now?”. I don’t believe even in myself about what I have done so far.

Happy? I am terribly happy whatever happened in my life recently.
Sad? Little bit, as I am not young anymore as I’ve been part of club forties.
And still single until now. But all are fine for me. I enjoy it until undetermined time.

Maybe till one day I meet the Miss Right during my journey. Prior that, I had to prepare myself at least from my physical thing. Since October 2016 I had chosen for changing my mindset about food and reverse its pyramid. Traditionally we eat lots of carbohydrates and least in fat, because many of us still think that fat or cholesterol is dangerous for our blood and coronary system. I reversed it to high fat, moderate protein and low in carbs plus performing intermittent fasting until now, though in some parts I was trapped into cheating particularly on cookies. I couldn’t handle it, but I can manage for other high carb sources (sigh).

Old me

Dear New Me, 

In my forties, I successfully shocked my surroundings. Many of friends and colleagues didn’t believe in my physical changes after performing such diet (yes, you can say that, but I prefer say this as life style). I have to resize all my clothes and it’s not easy process as my body changes drastically. But, so far I feel getting better day by day by doing it so.

Your diet is controversial.
You can hurt yourself.
Please back to former you.
Not too thin.
Why don’t you just eat as others?
All of these have been part of my daily life particularly when I meet other friends who rarely seen. I didn’t feel lonely, because I can ask and share with other warriors (our nickname among keto doers). Their supports strengthen myself and raise up my confidences.

Dear New Me,

I still do not believe when seeing my old photos. That’s so revolutionary thing in my life. For the first time, I returned to my college aged body and I am still trying to do my best for at least myself. I am starting to love me as I am. Accepting new things on me, and emotionally starting to reach stability. Though, in several occasions my emotion can be raised up but all are manageable.

Dear New Me,

This is part of my responsibility to God. Keeping and loving my own body. I am not hurt during the process and all I pass through has taught me lots of thing about respecting others’ choices. Some persons argue about my lifestyle, I mean in my diet, but I just reply with smile and explain it as far as I can. I never expect people to accept my opinion as I realize that everybody is unique. Even same diet doesn’t guarantee the same results for everyone. As TV ad said “Results are various”. I know that maybe behind me others try to find out about my chosen way.

Old vs New

I don’t argue to others who choose different diet. That’s the choice. You’re my friends and it doesn’t bother me who you are…vegetarian, fruitarian, vegan, or ordinary ones. It’s no problem at all. It’s all about life choice. I try to be consistent about the choice and also the others. Bullies are part of us because many people still unfamiliar with my new lifestyle which transform my body like now. But all are fine, because this is the way we choose. Cultural or religious differences can be source of conflict, and diet choice as well. So, it’s very human.

I do my best because this is God’s gift to me.
Loving my body and keep it well from old one to the new one.

Anyway, I’ve lost around 17 kgs from October 2016 to March 2017 now. All are just part of willingness. No willing, no actions and you just keep dreaming.

Dear New Me,

I thankful to God The Almighty for all the chances. I still can improve myself and this is still the beginning. Respecting others is part of my mind now, as well as reconstructing myself into better human being. Learning new things and loving more are also my next agenda after loving my new me.

Dear New Me,

Thank you for all. I have left my old me behind and that’s me….hopefully for doing the best.

Tangerang, 8 March 2017


I love you…Me..

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