(Sunday Recipe): Triple Creamed Matcha Latte Bulletproof


I have already following keto-fastosis (ketogenic and fasting) lifestyle for more than four months, and sometimes during holiday I don’t fast or -grind- sometimes cheat. But this lifestyle is great for me, either physically or aesthetically. Reducing carbs and absent from sugar. I haven’t already shared recipes for so long, and this is spin off of my blog which usually talks about language and culture.

This is a modified version of my friend’s bulletproof recipe. I modified it with matcha and it tasted great! Creamy, rich and fatty…great for ketogenic lifestyle as well. It used three kinds of fat source like butter, coconut milk and whipping cream.

3-4 teaspoon of matcha powder (depend on your preference)
50 ml of whipped cream
25 ml of coconut milk
30 gr of butter (room temperature)
3-4 glasses of water
Sweetener (optional)

About the composition you may modify it based on taste.

1. Pour the matcha along with warm/cold water into a blender
2. Do not forget add whipped cream, coconut milk and butter.
3. Blend it until mixed well and foamy.
4. Serve it with other ketogenic snacks.

That’s my favourite bulletproof besides coffee one. Fat vs fat (without carbs and sugar) is fine for your body.


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