(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Santa Maria de Fatima Church, Glodok, Jakarta


Santa Maria de Fatima catholic church locates inside Jakarta’s famous Chinatown, Glodok or Petak Sembilan and not too far from The famous Toasebio temple. Formerly, it was a Chinese kapitan (chieftain) house, but since 1954 it’s already been repurposed to be a catholic church after its buying and the land around it was bought into monastery and school under the name St Ricci school. Meanwhile the house itself renamed into Santa Maria de Fatima while its exterior doesn’t change and it becomes part of its uniqueness.

Location : Jalan Kemenangan III/47 (or Toasebiostraat), Glodok, Jakarta, Indonesia


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  1. Pas banget ama Imlek 🙂

    1. Pas, dan pas banget aku ya ada disana waktu misa.

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