(Sunday Reflection) : New Year, New Body

“The human body is the best work of art.”
Jess C. Scott

The Commence
Humans are created uniquely by God, with respective characteristics, attitudes and surely body shapes. About body shape, humans are very various, from bony, hourglass to obese one and whatever our body look like, we should be thankful for it. Some people feel comfortable with their own bodies, but some others do not consider the same thing. I am in the second part who is not comfortable with my own body.

I am typically yo-yo body weighted which can be lightened and humongous repeatedly. It depended on my life style as I was also a ravenous person who wanted to eat anything I wished for. I used to have a slender and fit body during my adolescence, yes sure at the time was the most actively moving body I had. I was lively in various activities except I was not really into sports. I just attended Tae Kwon Do class during my high school and stopped when I enrolled to university. My shaped at the time was slender and around 65-69 kg. It was my peak time when I didn’t even feel exhausted after hectic activities.

Nevertheless, when I started to work, my body weight gradually raised up. It was still around 72-75 kg between 2001-2005. Then around 2006-2008 it reached 80-85 kg. Wow, it was so tremendous thing I ever experienced before! Finally I had a large body for the first time even though people say I didn’t look fat as I am tall (I forgot how tall I am). Even in 2008-2009, my weight reached its peak to 89 kg and I looked so round with this. In 2009, I officially moved from my hometown to Semarang, Central Java for working. Because of heavily busy moments as well as stressful conditions, my body started to shrink. In two years, without my consciousness, my body weight had already been 75 kg! That was surprising, but my belly was still grand..around 93 cm. So that’s why I bought 35 for my pants size.

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The Peak
I was so joyous when I could reach the size, but since I started to move Tangerang in the middle of 2013, my weight began to supersize again from only 78, then 80, 85 till finally I looked so heavy. Even I couldn’t breath after doing harder exercises and easily getting tired. As the age went by, I thought my body fitness was decreasing constantly, though I still felt healthy. In the middle of 2016, I checked my weight again, it was already 90 kg! My surroundings complained about my look. They said I was too fat, though actually there were more jumbo-sized people than me. Honestly I tried for not caring about that, however, I asked myself and even looked at my own body in front of mirror.

“Is it yours?”
“Do you like this?”
“What can you do with it?”
“How should you do?”
“What should I do?”

Those questions roamed around me. My mom even told for not eating too much. I admitted that I was so ravenous. Having feast anywhere and gulping whatever I wish even before going to bed. I could put up sugary things or high carb stuffs at the same time. I love culinary things and even share it on my social media. Maybe it was the cause on my extra weight. In September 2016, that’s the moment I wanted to change myself. I pretended myself to be me…17 years earlier and I wish it that much. I searched through social media after trying several diets and found the diet I thought was suitable for me.

“You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be”
-David Viscott

My -Hopefully-New Lifestyle
In the beginning of October, I started to stop sugary things and cut into lower carbohydrate from my meals. I emphasized on eating more fat and modest protein with less carbs. Whatever the diet ways, as far as your intention is for getting healthy body is okay, but you should also feel your body signs. It was hard when I stopped having sugar and less carbs, as well as I accompanied it with fasting. Fasting can effectively control our excessive appetites and I believe it as it was taught in religion.

People around me were surprised when I stopped having rice and starchy food, as well as quit from sugary beverages. They questioned me about all I did, and even some considered me abuse myself. I just replied with smile, gradually you will know by myself as I didn’t want to talk much more. Just prove it and it was one of my goals for the next year (2017). New year, new body.

I changed a lot of my meals, doing intermittent fasting though sometimes I cheated ( I know I am imperfect), but I tried to be consistent with my new lifestyle. Unconsciously, I felt something inside my body. My sugar blood level decreased, my uric acid was raised up but then lowered again, and cholesterol level initially high, then turned into normal. I felt more energetic than before and my weight was also turned down from the initially 88 kg then until now 74-75 kg. Once more, people complained again about my new body, they said I was too slender, old-looked, drained body and so on. My mom also told me that she almost couldn’t tell me from my photo as I looked extremely different. Some also told me about the side effects on my new lifestyle from medical side. Okay, I just smile once more.

I knew people have been accustomed to see me fat, and it was very new for them. As well as controversies around it. But I found many new friends in the group (ketogenic) and I learned much about it compared to my previous diet. But once more, the decision is on you. If you think it’s useful and important, just do it…if not, leave it but never mock the others. I found it works on my body and I continued to do it in milder way. More healthy and fitter, but I have to buy new clothes and pants for my recent size. I feel like 17 years ago again.

New year, new body, I love my body more than before now and I eat gently, no longer exaggerating.

Just choose which one is good for you
But never prejudice others’ choice.

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22 January 2017

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Good on you, Nono. Good luck with your diet and body transformation. It sounds like you are very committed and I am cheering you on. Haha, I feel you when you say those younger days where you don’t feel tired even after doing hectic activities. I wish I was still like that 😀

    1. I hope the new things come after this Mabel. 🙂

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        If you keep at your healthy lifestyle and put effort into it, I am sure you will see good results 🙂

      2. Amen…I am just trying and keep trying 🙂

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