(Street Photos of The Day) : Mobile Instant Beverage Sellers

16105797_10154517551764335_2395704364292879728_n“Sometimes a little thing you do gives happiness to someone. So never stop doing little things”-
Anuragh Prakash Ray

You just need numerous sacheted instant beverages like coffee (in many trademarks and traits), tea (with artificial sweeteners), instant powdered juice or condensed milk. Then, you also just need two or three thermos for keeping your hot water and iced one, as well as bicycles or motorcycle. Just install some wooden or plastic holder, along with plastic (or sometimes from used mineral water glasses) glasses, and you’re ready to ride along your complex for selling instant beverage.


Just add hot or cold water, then your drink is ready. I always meet them everywhere. Sometimes I have some coffee on the spot or merely buy the sachet as I will make it at work. While buying it, sometimes I complain in myself about the price as they sell the coffee in a little bit expensive price than I buy it at a small shop. In my complain, sometimes I think about what they have spend for survival, maybe they have a family as they are the backbone and they are just able to sell the thing people ignore, but actually need it…coffee and milk!

The mobile beverage sellers look like saviour angel for workers who do not have time for going to small cafe or they need to quench their thirsty on the spot. So, these people are so helpful and important. It’s small thing for many people, but the impact can be bigger as they can make their family happy and survive.

So, do some little things as maybe it can make somebody happy.

*My camera has already kicked a bucket of daisy, then I took the pictures using my simple cell phone*


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