(Reflection) : Being 40, Lie About Age Then

I am 40…yeay!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.
-Lucille Ball-

This quote is my favourite, as I have already been 40 since September last year. People say  life starts at 40. But for now, I’d like to describe about Lucille Ball’s funny quote about 40 something man here.

Many people are lucky enough to have fresh and baby faced look despite of their progressive age. However, there are also many others whose face looked much older than their age. It depends genetically or the most important thing their lifestyle like diet, exercises or their stress management. Most people in 40s have already been married, having growing up kids, living in a stable and settled environment and realizing about the next, meanwhile some are still available for love, busy on their own careers, exploring about their own life and other reasons which I think you have already known about it (especially when you’re 40!).

My ‘fat’ version

Live as a 40 person brings changes a lot. It’s supposedly more mature and grown up way of thinking while at the same time (sometimes) little bit awkward about the transition, from young to old. We’re now in middle ages. But as Lucille Ball’s quoted, my interpretation about live honestly is when you realize that you’re no longer a young boy or girl. You are a matured one with some degraded physical performance (if you didn’t do it when you’re younger) along with some wrinkles in your face, or if you’re lucky still have smooth and silky one (oh, that must be a dream). Then, you can see your grey hair or losing hair (until you have to bald it anytime..man). It’s expected that 40 something person will be wiser and open minded one, though in some occasions miss their younger time.
In conclusion, yes….be honest to yourself…..(and to myself)….you’re old now!

Second puberty?…..pssstt…don’t tell anyone! Only you and God know, then.

I was 20

For the next, eat slowly
Because of my age, I have to reconsider about eating habits and the way I finish my food. People say ‘enjoy your life’, but it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you wish. Eat all you want, gobble all well like goblin and degenerative diseases are waiting for you. We just try to keep healthy. Before I reached 40, I just ate what I wish and didn’t consider about the effect on my own body. I was getting fatter and fatter with the maximum weight….90 kg! Just 10 kg more for being a rice sack! I didn’t comfort with my own body. I have tried some diets, but all failed until I decided to try another one. I just ate low carbs and high in fat with moderate protein. I just eat until full, and only some 1/3 of my gastric, as well as intermittent fasting for just keeping it fit. After three months I have lost 16 kg of my body and feel better than before. That’s my look now and I love it.
Friends and family told me that I look too skinny, but I feel much better with my body, because this is me…..17 years ago! Even after 18 years I could wear my old shirts (Medium sized!)
Eat well, slowly and once more….not gobble as the world will be ended soon. For 40 something people, do not forget for controlling your appetite, sleep well and exercise more.

My recent look

The last, lie about your age…
I think the last sentence doesn’t work on me, as I have already mentioned my real age. However, after losing much of my weight, even my mom cannot recognize me at the first sight. Some people mistakenly call me with dik (younger brother) and most call me mas (brother) on the street, especially when I am wearing casual clothes. Okay, at this moment I can lie about my real age, but for people who have already known me…it’s hard to lie!

But, this is the best quote I think for being 40. I am still searching for my real passions and trying to learn new things as youngsters. Whatever your age, it is merely number, when you can keep healthy and learn a lot, I believe younger aura will shine up and you will look younger, that’s why you can ‘lie’ about your age to your new acquaintances. Let people guess your real age, and just be happy whatever your age. 40 is just a beginning.

So, if you’re still 20 or 30 somethings, just prepared yourself until you can lie about your age in 40!

10 January 2017

*Sorry if all photos are about me*

4 Comments Add yours

  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Keep on lying 🤥 till you can’t

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    You don’t look 40. We are only as young as we feel 😊

    1. Thanks Mabel 🙂 young forever whatever happened.

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