(Holiday Writing) : Under the Shadowy Timeline

How do you feel when you open your social media in the morning?
What do you see in your timeline at the first sight of your day?
Then, which postings made you attracted?
How do you feel after this? Happy? Laugh? Numb? Confused? or even Mad?

Maybe some of you have even already been fed up with all statuses or anything shared through social media. Or you are influenced by some news and sharing from others until you have to fight with even your siblings as different opinions. The worst part, one status or tweet in social media can break a nation down into psycho-war or even real one. What you read in your timeline can express actually yourself without exception. The viral timelines can be various, from only one point of view, based on particular sentiments such as religious (as we can see now), and political approaches (which often be concealed with social and religious matters). Race, religion, tribes and inter-group return to its popularity for raising up viral (technically hoax) news around social media.

There are so many fake websites which are intended to get situation worse. Conflicts among netizens are unavoidable and even unfriend or block happened among each other. Is it the sign of elderly world? I don’t know exactly, but as I believe everything goes, people can be everything or everyone they wishes. We can conceal into one or more fake accounts for creating chaos. I don’t have to explain about it more as the examples tell more. Only one status or edited video, you can shake one nation, raise religious sentiments, spread hatred and mobilize a mass only through your thumbnail. Smart phone is created for easing everyone for communicating, sharing and developing knowledge, but along the time, sometimes smart phone is even smarter than the holder itself. Just share and leave without any responsibility and only say “It’s just sharing.”

Under the shadowy timeline, we should be more careful particularly when we read a news from undetermined sources, or photos from unclear ones. We can just clarify it or just ignore it.

All are choices, whether you love the hoax.
But just think about the next, as now world is unlimited, no borders and any information even from the remote area can be gotten in seconds.

This is just the year end contemplation. Hopefully in the following year, we can be wiser and smarter to anticipate all hoaxes as many parties get benefits from spreading all fakes and even sponsored. Once more, it’s all up to us. Will we become wiser or fake news buzzers?


29 September 2016


2 Comments Add yours

  1. penuhcinta26 says:

    I tend to leave them be. Sometimes though, I get caught into the emotion and post something on my wall just to counter the fake news.

    1. Yup, it’s a must Yu Sum…countering all the fake news and hoaxes.

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