(Sunday Photo) : Two Ethnic Faces (eemmm..not really) of Me


Several weeks ago I tried to photo myself wearing two head dresses. One (left) was variant of Javanese one, while another one was Sundanese. Javanese and Sundanese live side by side in the same island, but they develop their own culture despite of many similarities. Javanese and Sundanese have already been related since early times. Influences each other and cultural exchanges sometimes occur time by time.

Sundanese tends to have fairer complexion
Javanese tends to have brownish complexion

I am inspired with youtube videos about dress up time to time and inspired also by 100 years of beauty. However, I know I am not model and look un-handsome at all (LOL) and even I don’t want to take off my glasses, so the results are like this. In my bedroom and not really selfie look.

Maybe it’s better if you give me Indian headdresses too and I’ll display it to you. Do you?

Let me make it better in the future.

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  1. Oh Jawa dan Sunda, masa pas di reader saya kira Jawa dan Bali, ternyata pas udah baca full ternyata Jawa dan Sunda

    1. Hehehehehe, Jawa saja masih kebagi2 kok. Banyak macamnya.

  2. voulaah says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much dear for sharing this post and for visitng my blog
    Happy to know that some malagasy vocabularies are the same that yours
    Have a very nice day

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