(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Purity Letters

It’s been almost one year again when the school year is almost over.
I’ve passed through many periods during the year. Teaching needs preparations, process, patience and passions. Especially I teach Elementary School and 3rd graders (only 3 classes for 4 graders). The students are so diverse, from seriously willing learners, mood swingers, little bit special attention ones, attention seekers, drama queens, shy ones, manipulative (hmmm…drama queen meh?). But in all, I love them whoever they are. I taught them all with the similar methods and managed how to finish the lesson within 2 hours as we only meet once a week.
9 classes from Monday to Thursday needed energy and the subject I taught was (and up to now) computer which required students going to the computer laboratory and only few theories, more practices.
In the end of school year, I received these letters from some students. These are the way they expressed their feeling to the teacher. I don’t know about their feelings, but I believe children are pure in heart and they will tell what they feel innocently and directly. I took pictures of them and here they are.


Translation : Bambang Laoshi (Laoshi means teacher). Thank you as you have taught us computer faster, and helped us to know how to type faster, and you allowed us to play computer (surely after finishing they exercises as, there are some offline game applications provided by Linux) and type very fast.
Bambang Laoshi is also helpful and kind to use. We learned how to insert picture in computer and it made us happy, and we can type a story. Thank you Bambang laoshi

(some grammatical corrections found in the original language)

The next are in English as I taught computer in English.


Sweet letter one


The heart shaped letter. Love it


Lovely rainbowed letter

Those letters made me burst into tears. I didn’t feel nice to them, I just do what I can do as their teacher. Sometimes, I got angry and strict, but in another way I can be flexible. I am still learning to be a good teacher. I will miss them so much, but I’d be happy if I teach them again in the next grade.

Tangerang, 11 June 2016


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18 responses to “(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Purity Letters

  1. waaaa, Mas No….enak banget disayang muridnyaa…

    btw Mas No, kayanya tulisan anak national plus or international, karakter tulisannya kaya orang bule ya…🙂

  2. What a beautiful reward for your love, caring, and hard work.


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