(Sunday Reflection) : Talking about My Alter-ego (Esperanto) blog

12250093_10153448715874335_3725442675999907303_nIt’s been more than 12 years when I started blogging. From merely idol’s forum, starting writing was extremely hard for me at the time. Then I found a media for expressing myself from just gunshot poems, it means what I think then I write it directly. No concept, spontaneous one. I found so hard to change identity like other bloggers, it felt -not-so-me when I tried to do it. So, where is my own identity. That’s true when you started blogging, at least you have already been thinking about the theme, the content etc etc until the end.

Finally I found myself in ethnic theme. But until recently I had no idea about designing and creating my own theme. It started suddenly when I was asked for designing Eid celebration banner, I ever taught in a computer based education, but merely taught English and even I had no desire for learning design. Then, all change me a lot. Till now my passion in design is growing and I had learnt some aspects of it as well as the applications. From now on, I decided to create my own theme based on my passion : culture and ethnic. I manage to create my own logo in the future and hopefully it works for me, my blog and even my own future. I am still learning and there is no late for it though you’re even ageing.

Well, talking about blog. Maybe you have already known about my blog for more than 4 years, right? Only some random thoughts emphasizing on social, culture, photo challenges and avoiding politics…yes, right! Since almost a year ago I tried to expand my blog into another alter ego, not so alter ego, only in different language. For this blog, I choose Esperanto as the main language. I am learning it along other languages since I consider myself as polyglot. But sometimes, I want to study a language from a monoglot, why? because he or she only knows one language and it’s a gargantuan challenge for me to master it. My brother blog here is still young, and much fewer even no visitors as I rarely post into it. Well, sometimes I feel absent-minded because besides working, I also had many things to do till many parts missed from my life.

Then, I used to write even several times a day. But now, rare, and just recently I tried to be more active, as well as in my brother blog : felicamondoI named it felicamondo (it should be felicxamondo) as I want it to be happy and joyous virtual part of my blogosphere. There were still few and I just added recent bilingual poems in Esperanto and my own language. I now my goal is not for profit, but at least I can leave my track, emotion, love, passion and all I think there without hesitation (though for some parts I prefer to keep it for myself).

I am almost 40, and I still haven’t done anything for even my own life. I am still flowing from one to another way and sometimes I am upset about it. I try to post more in felicamondo because I believe one day people will visit it and I have got more friends not just virtually, but in reality. Besides for improving myself. Felicamondo is intended to translate my works in Esperanto and at the same time I can develop my skills in this wonderful constructed language.

Besides this site, you’re cordially invited to visit my felicamondo. Particularly Esperantists bloggers. I will translate my articles, my poems and also my short stories step by step in Esperanto there.

Tangerang, 22 May 2016


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  1. winnymarlina says:

    12 tahun lama juga ya kak

  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    Noooo, don’t be upset about flitting from one thing to the other, NoNo. I feel the same way – that my life has no direction but then I tell my myself you are as young as you feel and think. Congrats on 12 years of blogging. What an achievement and my hat’s off to you 🙂

    1. Hehehe, at least my feelings have already been released after writing this. With all up and down, I was surprised with myself and I think I am changing a lot after moving here Mabel.

      1. Mabel Kwong says:

        Always like your blogs about Indonesian culture. I always learn something new, or your posts remind me of what I know about Malay culture. Keep blogging.

      2. Hehehehe, just a little bit Mabel. Sometimes the relationship between those two countries is complicated but still brothers 😀

  3. kutukamus says:

    Learning a new language in your late 30’s? That’s impressive. 🙂

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