Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto Story (Part 2-Seminar and Entertainment Night)


Let me continue my previous story. After praying Juma (25 March…Good Friday), along the rain, we still continued our activities. The next was seminars about various themes. If I wasn’t mistaken, I attended seminar about Esperanto development in the 21st century, which was presented by several Esperantist masters from Australia and South Korea. The most memorable one was Sinjoro Lee Jungkee of South Korea along other panelists as well as Fraulino Ilia from Indonesia who presented about Esperanto movement in Indonesia. All presentations were surely in Esperanto. Not in English, right? as Esperanto was designed as a neutral connecting language for all nations, religions, mother tongues and cultures. From what I got from the seminar, why Esperanto was still hard to be accepted as part of unified language, such factors were its grammar and vocabularies were too ‘European’ and many people still unfamiliar with this language. Esperanto for me is an idealistic language, intended to be communication barrier breaker tools for everyone, as Mr Zamenhoff’s first universala lingvon (universal language). And I knew from this seminar, Esperanto particularly in Indonesia will be developed better than before.

My Esperanto is still dangerously baza, but by trying to speak it, either with Indonesians or other partoprenanto (participant) indirectly improved my own Esperanto. But yes, it took much time. And the fact I got from the seminar, in Korea after learning Esperanto, many Korean students find easier for learning English, as the grammar was simple and every words can be restructured into new word. That’s how Esperanto is also scientific! I love it! (though I won’t stop learning other languages).

Before seminar, I had encountered such funny persons in the congress…two of them were Richard Delamore of Australia whose work as music producer in Esperanto TV (al youtubo) and his pseudonym is evildea..grawww.. and another one was from Germany, Jonas Marx but under name Jonny M, a reggae singer and sang in Esperanto. I’d got special story about them, particularly one word….yeach later on, right? Hahahaha.

On performance night, all participants joined the live show. At the time and earlier, I applied for singing in Esperanto. The time was so hectic as I had no much time for memorize the lyrics…initially I sang only one song, but then the committee told me to add more, fine…I had two songs and all performed by an Italian Esperantis, Emanuele Rovere. (multan dankon…molte grazie Sinjoro). For the first song, Dankas mi la vivon, I was helped by my new friend from Jogjakarta and he was my roommate, as he was from art background and very good at playing guitar. We only had half an hour for exercise after dancing one, because I also helped Jakartan Esperantist for Betawian dance performance. Blitz exercise…only one shot preparation.

The art performance night was started around 7 pm. The first and longest performance was from Jonny M a.k.a Jonas Marx. He performed and sang 12 songs which all composed in Esperanto. Almost all of us, particularly the youngsters (me too…don’t forget!) participated in dancing, singing and in many occasions making fun.

This is the video…sorry, I share it from Richard’s

Well, the concert was so funny, crazy and I could release my stress there. I didn’t know when I could express myself in the last time. I forgot…but there, I could. Next was movie performance from Bandung Esperantists, and the setting was in Asia-Africa Museum. It’s good and showed all creativity of Esperantistos. Afterwards, continued to wayang performance from Bandung Esperantists as well. The story was about Sangkuriang but in Esperanto. The wayang performance was so wonderful, but I forgot to record it.

I was so nervous…


But finally, it’s my turn…I told the audience that I didn’t have time to memorize the lyrics, so I just sing it by sitting. You can see the unedited video here.

I knew my performance maybe not so good. But at least I could entertain anyone around me. Whatever the results, and I was proud of their supports. Multan dankon kara! Thanks also for Okky, my new friend who helped me performing dankas mi la vivon. While Esperantisto, I sang with karaoke which was given by Sinjoro Rovere directly. Thank you once more.

The next performance was comedy monologue….that’s so funny, though I needed time to understand what he said. His Esperanto was so clear and we got the message vividly. While sitting, standing and he was so expressive…hehehe.


Afterwards, it supposed to be our performance for Jali-Jali dance, but in the middle of our performance, the audio was went off…the computer was restarted by itself. We were little bit embarrassed for such hillarious moment and we had to wait until the computer fixed. Meanwhile other performances had to be started. The next was the silly comedy which we could throw them if it’s not funny. We’re given some rolled and smashed papers as balls and you see..that’s crazy one!

Then, after one more performance (poetry recitation and singing), that’s our turn! Jali-jali dance from Jakarta. We danced as far as we can…and so far all were fine, the audiences were happy until we forgot that the song had stopped. Crazy night! I love it…


After Sundanese traditional sing performance, harmonica and church-sounded singing by a Korean esperantist (as the way he sang reminded me to a catholic choir). All performances were so great! That’s why for being Esperantist I could be there among eight country’s esperantists. Having new friends, new experiences and new crazes made me relaxed. I performed twice and well, I didn’t know why it could happened. Hopefully it’s sign to have something better than before.

The show ended at 10 pm and all participants (mostly elders) returned to their rooms and slept well. We still had more plans for the next day.


To be continued

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  1. Evildea says:

    Mi tre ŝatas vian recenzon de la evento!

    1. Multan dankon kara! Atendu la aliajn poste.

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