Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto Story (Part 1-The Course)

IMG_20160325_084518Honestly, La Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto in Bandung which has been over several days ago is my first international congress I ever attended so far. I never meet many people from various countries directly and interacting with new people, having new friends as well as practicing Esperanto at the same time. Actually the congress had already commenced on 23 March 2016, but I just could come day after tomorrow. Well, this is the ‘Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto 2016’ from my point of view. (I came on 25 March)..

25 March 2016
I came to the congress place at 5 am after 8 hours trapped in traffic jam between Jakarta and Bandung, plus the horrible things, the bus sometimes stopped by itself in the middle of highway and it was midnight. That’s so scary but Thanks God finally I arrived to Bandung at 00.30 am. But I had to wait for the first angkot (public transportation) after 3.30 am and finally I came to the Image hotel (Lengkong Besar Bandung). Well, I hadn’t had sleep well during my journey until I took a rest for a while on the sofa in the lobby, until one of my friend who I meet regularly in Kunveno greeted me with “Saluton”.  We talked about the congress and where has it been so far. He said, you didn’t come too late, as the congress and course were still at the beginning stage.

After 7 am, finally I got my room with other three persons who had already come earlier. One was Spaniard  who worked in Yogyakarta, two others from Yogyakarta and Surabaya. We made short introduction together and started speaking Esperanto. My Esperanto is still bad, and after taking a bath, that’s the beginning. I got the goodie bag contained of leaflets, book, notebook, video and anything related to the congress. The first thing I did was attending the course. Because I had already learnt Esperanto before, I was put in intermediate level. The participants may choose which one they attend, course (basic or intermediate) or seminar.


Before, narcisstic was a must. I didn’t want to miss the moment without taking some photos. Hahahaa..

It was started about 8.30 am-9.00 am. I came late and there were around 10 persons from various nationalities. From Australia, South Korea, Singapore, France and surely Indonesia. We made a circle and introduced ourselves using gestures we could choose. Started from our instruisto, Franciska of Australia. She was very nice, care and so detail in teaching us Esperanto. Starting from the introduction and we had to point others next to us. I was so nervous as all instructions were in Esperanto, but as I had a goal, I had to finish it well whatever the results. Afterwards, we sat on our seats for following the next lesson. We discussed our homework, reading comprehension about Ludwig Zamenhoff and the homework was from the day before I come. That’s totally in Esperanto! and I had to adapt with the situation.


Then, Sinjorino Franciska told us to be paired. We may not sit side by side with the same nationality and she gave us a paper which told about interrogative words (kiu, kio, kia, kie kiom, kiel, kiam, kies, kies, kial) and its replies (tiu, tio, tia, tie, tiom, tiel, tiam, ties and tial). Oh no! I am in trouble now… we have to speak Esperanto and it’s why I joined the congress. The course was so wonderful, we can see every mistakes we made as our instruisto was great! Sinjorino Franciska explained clearly and in very few occasions, she explained in English as some of the participants particularly from other countries were still new in Esperanto.


The lesson


My instruisto, Sinjorino Franciska


With my partner…hehehe


Tired, but happy.

Frozen communication…that’s sometimes I experienced particularly in conversation part. My partner was an old man from Australia whose wife also attended the course. We tried so hard, until we made mistakes…reversed role. The first turn should be him, but I started till Sinjorino Franciska told us about such matter. I just smiled and embarrassed for this. But the course was fun….I was motivated to speak as far as I could. My goal is more conversant in Esperanto and this is not the end. The most precious thing is making friends from around the world, and this was my first international congress. But, I couldn’t attend the course until the end as I had to pray Juma at 12.00.

I’ve got much wisdom from this event. Be patient and realize your dream as one day it can be true….and it did.

To be continued. 


Bambang Priantono

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