(Saturday Reflection) : Heritage

Next week, the school where I am teaching now will celebrate its 115th years. From Tiong Hwa Hwe Koan in 1900 to Sekolah Terpadu PAHOA nowadays takes a very long journey. It also experienced the gloomiest  time when it faced closure by New Order Regime in 1966 and since 2008, PAHOA had been reborn. It expands from nursery, kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, high school and college with national curriculum, along with Di Zi Gui which derives from universal Confucian teachings and three languages (Bahasa, English and Mandarin).

The history had been encrypted to its halls and it describes in details about PAHOA history, its founders, teachers until recent history. I took one part of heritage hall when I’d like to return home after work. That’s informative and increase your understanding about history. History should be understood for knowing the past and wisdom for the future.


Location : PAHOA school, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

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  1. dani says:

    woooah… what a long journey your school have been going…

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