(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Musim/Seasons


This photo was taken on December 2015 when I returned home for spending long holiday. I went to my favourite spot, townhall with my niece and nephew. It was so hot and clear, whereas it was supposed to be rainy season, but for weeks…no rain at all. It’s caused of El Nino anomaly? Maybe so. But it was 8 am and as hot as 12 am you see.

Keep your health during the anomaly and unpredictable season.


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7 responses to “(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Musim/Seasons

  1. Hot at 8am as 12pm? That is hot…I remember when I visited Indonesia last time, it was hot all day long, and hot all night long too. So hard to sleep but lucky the place I was staying at had air-con🙂

    That looks like a very nice town hall and I hope it is a place where people gather and have a good time.

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  3. It’s been unusually warm here in England too.

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