(Sunday Reflection) : Situ Kelapa Dua/Kelapa Dua Lake

Travelling doesn’t always mean going somewhere far away from your crib. Many people have already gone travelling abroad until the unimaginable distances, however, they do not even know about their our neighbourhood. (That’s reasoning used by one who couldn’t afford much time and money to travel far away hahaha). Actually there are many interesting places that often we pass but just be ignored for us. Even, newcomers know better about our places to ourselves as the native.

The small lake is located only 300 metres from my home, and I need to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the lake. Situ (read – see-too) is local terminology for small lake which can be found around Jakarta, Tangerang and Bogor. It functions as water pond for preventing floods and as the terminal for water flows from rivers. Situ Kelapa Dua itself used to be covered by water hyacinth or we call it eceng gondok. It is invasive plant and consume pond’s oxygen so that fish couldn’t even live in the area where it grows. Situ Kelapa Dua itself was half-covered by the water hyacinth, but since two or three weeks ago, it’s been removed and the lake has been recovered by local government. It looks cleaner, though there are still some water hyacinth residues found. It is intended to be more promoted as one of Tangerang’s family recreational destination again after for a long time hidden by the eceng gondok.

I just walked there for a while in the warm morning and relaxed by chatting with someone. That’s my actual habit and next I will visit the lake often.

Tangerang, 31 January 2016


Bambang Priantono

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  1. rike jokanan says:

    Two Coconuts Situ 😂

      1. rike jokanan says:

        Jok nyemplung yo rek

  2. Chas Spain says:

    Great to hear about the lake being restored and managed for people and wildlife to enjoy Bambang

    1. I hope it will continue and regular…you know, there have been inconsistencies for decades on it.

      1. Chas Spain says:

        Any area of water is so special

      1. Liberto Amin says:

        Maksudnyaa gan ahahaha

  3. wahaboni says:

    Aslinya biasa2 aja gan.. Hehe

      1. wahaboni says:

        Haha.. Good english…

      2. wahaboni says:

        Mas bambang asl mn

      3. Malang, tapi sudah 3 tahun di Tangerang sini. Tinggal di daerah Kelapa Dua.

  4. I love your site, it has good articles, Thank you.

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