(Weekly Photo Challenge) : Old Stuff for Alphabet

What I just remember is my old stuff, I just took my old photo stock for representing this week’s challenge….Alphabet. Hmmm, not alphabet, I think it’s aksara.

I took in various places and here it is.


Have fun!


Picture legends

  1. Road sign in Cirebon, West Java
  2. Ciaruteun inscription, Bogor, West Java (from the 5th century)
  3. Javanese script graffiti in Semarang, Central Java

7 Comments Add yours

  1. No matter where you go there is a message 🙂

  2. alrisblog says:

    kalau dibuat jalan tentara peta, jalan eks tentara knil, gimana tuh. kan mereka juga banyak yang berjasa buat negeri ini?

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